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The Effect Audio website says it is gold plated silver. Maybe something like this would have a similar look
I don't have enough time to listen to these great cans so I'm putting them up for sale!   I am the second owner but they're still in very good condition. They honestly haven't had much headtime since I bought them used off of these forums.   The cable was described by its maker wje with the following: "Cable: 10' Mogami Quad Neglex, 1/4" Neutrik TRS connector, Blue Techflex covering cable up to the yoke, then 1.5' of twisted wires to each cup connector."   wje also...
I have a quick question about cable design. I'm making a 3 conductor power umbilical terminated in speakon connectors for my beta22 build (probably about 18"). For the cable, would braiding 3 wires together result in too much interference? Or would it be ok for that short of a length?
So I'd like to make a 1/4" female-to-1/8" male headphone cable. The wire I've got is the Mogami 2534 so it has 4 conductors and a shield. Should I use 1 conductor each for Left and Right, then use 2 conductors for ground adding shield on the source end?  
The Mogami 2534 definitely has words printed on it. Every 12 inches, it says "NEGLEX 2534 MICROPHONE CABLE MOGAMI JAPAN" in white letters on my black cable.   Based on pics online, I think the Canare L-4E6S also has words
Huh? What are you talking about? Fraggler didn't mention headphone cables specifically either... If you start looking through this thread, you'll see numerous examples of USB cables and RCA interconnects and about every other type of cable made without any shielding. 
Interesting discussion. What about picking up this mylar reflective sheeting from Home Depot marketed to use in greenhouses?
  How big is this opening? Would this one not work?
Well either one really . This stuff was regular 3:1 but I also ordered some of their adhesive lined
Yeah it seems quite obviously undersized. Do you happen to know of a different source for heatshrink by the foot?
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