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I was wondering about the stock cable since I see tons of pics of the phones with other cables so that's good to know that the stock are just fine. I think I will be making my purchase soon!
when you say re-terminated what exactly does that mean? I really don't know much about balanced systems yet, and or the cables they use and what the difference is besides having better SQ right?
I've been wondering, what is the biggest difference from the 701 and 702? besides color?
the EF1 looks nice, but it would need a DAC to go with it correct? and the EF2 looks pretty good as well, since it's USB that is pretty much I will need correct? since my source is PC only. The iBasso D10 looks promising from what I've read as well, all are pretty inexpensive as well which isn't too bad. I'm a beginner at this stuff anyway but I'm pretty sure that I will be purchasing the K701s for sure once I make a final decision on which DAC/AMPs to purchase, but...
how do you think DACMagic and DV336SE partner up with the K701s? I've been looking at those and I like what I see and what I've read about both components, but is it also true that if matched with the K701s tube amps aren't the answer?
so DACs, if I need one, which would most be good along with whatever I decide to get for an amp?
so if I can just bypass buying a new soundcard which or how many decent amps and or dacs use and go well with the 701s ? I've been looking at the DV336SE too, looks ok but as far as I can tell no USB.
Hm, you guys make a hard bargain on this site! I tell you! But besides that I think I'll be looking a little more before I make my decision final you know? but from what you all have said I think it has helped me a little more to understand, but please post more suggestions it would be great help.
My PC isn't the greatest thing in the world a few years old, but I just use it for music and that's practically it. What is the difference from DACs and Soundcards? or can you use both at the sametime? cause I don't want to spend money on both ends for each.
Hello, this is my second post and I've been reading these forums for a few days and I'm in the market to buy new headphones and soundcard and whatever I need to make them sound nice. I have HD-555s and I listen to my PC as my source and onboard. I've been looking into the AKG k701s and possibly a Zero or Compass amp, my budget is 700-1000 dollars, I know I'm new but I think I'm ready for a better setup for my music. Question I do have though is what is a good decent...
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