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    x2. If you're a EQ type of person you will spend hours tweaking all the settings, but the S9+IE8 has always been a great combo for me  
Argh, someone get some already!  
Cowon J3? expandable memory, and has the cowon pedigree of SQ.   IE8 is great for hiphop/rap, especially with some custom sleeves
I came from s4's to IE8.. 3 words - night and day.
  of course apple has that novelty factor with all its great apps, games, marketing,status, user friendliness, etc its what it does better than the rest of any of the competition.. but arent you missing the point here - a player for audiophiles? it might be decent uneq'd, but decent is not what most are looking for   bottom line: stock for stock with no eq- ipod
I see alot of people saying ipods with a decent amp is a decent sounding setup etc. Im not disagreeing that its not, but comparing players directly to ipods in terms of sound quality, ipods just dont cut it   sidenote: I disagree that considering a device 'portable' with an amp..
Ever thought about getting the SM3?
  Oh okay, i just didnt want to risk it.. what about the W3s soundstage? That was another dealbreaker for me   Hey and what are you using now besides from the UE 18 Pros?
So i got my custom sleeves today!! so where do i start..   well it takes a bit longer to get them in your ears, but is a much better feeling than stock tips i tell ya.. it doesnt really feel like theres something in your ear, more like that feeling when you tightly close your jaws.  Few gripes:i can see it getting a bit annoying to always take in and out.. but screw that ill just ignore everybody lol & it does make the actual earpieces sit out further than...
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