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HD600+5k amp and source won't become 800s. The bold portion is already saying stick with your 800s. Crack w/speedball, Vali and Valhalla are some of the more common suggestions in this price range. I can vouch for Vali as I'm using it myself but ears I've trusted told me Valhalla's a clear step up and one of the best match for the 800s irregardless of price but I've no personal experience so the best I can say is go have a listen. You won't go wrong with Vali though not...
Any player recommendation for this phone? I'm having trouble looking for good media player on android that could support flac and alac files.
That's why I'm still holding out on purchasing the bda 2. I've learned from young that good things are worth the wait. 
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Leben if I remember correctly is based in Japan. Their amps however are not cheap. If there's a shop that sells vintage receiver I think that would be a better buy. Old Yamaha, Merantz, Panasonic etc is pretty well regarded back in the days. Here's an interesting thread that you could read if you've got time. 
I have none of the problems you've mentioned when used with my hd800. There's some ringing when plugged into the unit but it only last for a couple of seconds. 
Eh you're looking at probably the most used sigma delta chip in the market right now so I think it would be easier for you to google them yourself. 
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