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Try the m-stage. I feel that the 650s sound quality can't go any much higher with the m-stage. It's at its best with the m-stage.   I tried the burson with the 650s and tried with the $300 m-stage, and suprisingly both sounds very close. M-stage is warmer, grainer, and have slightly more noise, other than that it's perfect for the 650s. Of cuz the burson is better for hd650s, but for the difference in price, m-stage is more value for money.   The m-stage does not...
Yes, but it depends on the song, or the genre of the song.   I realize metal and rock benefits a lot more than ballads or jazz on ALAC. The difference is huge.
I got received my opa627 from coolfungadget and i swopped it with the stock opa2134. Changes are great, but on the bad side. It sounds very congested and more on the face feeling. I'm going back to stock op-amps :(
Yes do note the hd555 and hd595 takes very long to break in. I feel like selling my hd555s when i first got them :)
Thanks for the help, I will use the stock op-amps for the time being~   Its available in Japan and Singapore since 2 weeks ago~
My titanium HD is using stock LME49710NA, and if I change to LME49720NA what kind of sound difference will there be?   Any suggestions for better op-amps to use? I'm pairing with HD650.   Any help will be appreciated!
If you are new, you shouldn't go to jaben and get your phones - sorry to those supporters though. They always quote different prices (thats why they never show their prices online or tag their products, you have to ask for the price. Kinda stupid) to their customers and most likely you will get conned badly by them since you are a foreigner. Even locals get conned quite badly sometimes. I got conned quite badly for about SGD$100 when buying a so called 'package' from them....
I had a pair of CX300II and I'm totally satisfied with them. That's what convinced me that sennheiser makes good earphones, I thought I would get another pair for jogging so I got the CX500. I'm not sure if it's not fully burned in yet but the bass isn't as strong as my CX300II, the sound also sounds distant and flatter than my CX300II. I've checked all websites to check if its a fake, but all sources shows that its original.
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