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I'm currently seriously considering the Audeo Phonak PFE, I like the fact that so many people are recommending it. I like the fact that you have the filters, and they give replacements. The price seems good. |joker|'s thread had a very good review, and now that the build quality issue is fixed, I see no reason not to go for it. Any last words from any nay-sayers?
  I read the massive comparison thread, and it said there were "Reported build issues with original version" do you know if this has been fixed?
How easy is changing the filter? I want to make sure that it's something simple enough that I can feel comfortable doing by myself, you know?
What exactly do you mean by V-type/natural/analytical, sorry, I don't know much of the terms used to describe iems.  
Anybody have ideas?
Hey everyone, I'm still relatively new to the whole IEM scene.   I currently have a:  ZuneHD 32gb, Sansa Clip 2gb, and a Sansa Fuze 4gb with 8gb card Headphones: Audio Technica ATH-M50's Used to own Nuforce NE-7M's but due to issues with the microphone, sent them back and had a lot of trouble with the company as they did not want to give me a refund even though I attempted to return them within the alloted time. Basically, I'm trying to stay away from Nuforce...
Quote: Originally Posted by bcpk Any particular reason you ignored 3 people suggesting Maximo iM 590s? To be honest I didn't consciously mean to. I guess the only reason I can think of is because I'm willing to go higher price wise, and two of the headphones I listed were $79.00 which is very close to what I was looking to pay. I understand that there are headphones for $50 that beat $75 headphones, but i haven't seen anything showing why they're...
AKG K330's Klipsch S2's klipsch S4's Hippo VB's Overall thoughts or comparisons?
Looking at two new headphones I haven't heard much about. AKG K330's Klipsch S2's Thoughts?
Yes I realize there are many different threads like this, but I have somewhat different 'requirements'. First off, source: Zune hd 32 No amp, (this also means I don't want headphones that require an amp, I'm not looking to buy one) I live in the US. My music tastes: Linkin park, Disturbed, Rise Against, Skillet, Lost Prophets. However, also things like Five for Fighting, Genesis, etc. I'm looking mostly for something with a lot of bass, and crisp sounds, I'm...
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