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Quote: Originally Posted by iriverdude Do you mean reasonbly priced but decent quality, or decent quality with stupidly high price tag? reasonbly priced
I was wondering peoples opinion for the best quality RCA cables for hooking up my Audio-Gd DAC 19Mk3 to my Audio-Gd-C2C amp for the money?
More Pics Please
Only a few months old in perfect condition. Only probably 2 hours max on them. I just don't like them. $sold
Thanks guys!
We are in the portable section. Didn't think it really mattered what the source was. Laptop, iPod, Portable disk player, ect. Maybe i'm missing something?
I was wondering the same thing. But if the mini aux in/out is used to connect the D10 to the amp than how do I connect my iPod or computer to the D10 If I normally use the mini aux in/out for that?
Now that I have decided to take the plunge and ordered the upgraded version of the c2c. What's the best way to hook it up through my D10 using my computer and iPod. I understand the aux in/out in the front can be used to hook the D10 to the amp by using mini to RCA. If I use the USB off my iMac and play songs it still comes out of my computer speakers and not out of the USB to the D10. Can somebody please run through the best way to go about this? Same problem with my...
Quote: Originally Posted by tim3320070 I had this combo and was very fond of it. I had the Ref-1 driving it which doesn't hurt but I think you'll be happy with it. People say to get the volume pot upgrade though. I have read that the Denon's are not well suited for tubes, that they need a powerfull SS amp, but I have no experience with tubes (yet). Thanks, I was planning on getting the upgraded version. Maybe Ill make a tube amp my next purchase...
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