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Hey, just ordered a W6 and they are out 3 weeks for build time I was wondering how peoples experiences where with and without the princess upgrade. I guess I have 3 weeks to think about it I did get the power supply upgrade. Thanks
Got mine in the USA in 4 days. Sorry about your other guys luck. It is from overseas though.
Dont drop them. I dropped mine on carpet from about 3 feet on carpet. There is a tiny, I mean tiny screw on the D7000's that holds the whole can on. Its the size of a small eyeglass screw. About 2mm long. It stripped out and the right can fell off. I cant believe they used such a tiny screw. If it gets loose at all it will wiggle its way to stripping out. I'm pissed.
I know this is about grado but denon is hardly any better. I had my D7000's for a month and dropped them 3 feet on to carpet and there is only one 2mm by 1mm screw that holds the whole can on and I put them on and the right can fell off. Screw was completely stripped. I'll find out if the superglue will hold tonight. Otherwise I'll have to send them in or get parts.
I live In the USA and bought a DAC and AMP from Audio-GD and It came DHL in 4 days to my door. No other fees. Keep in mind Kingwa only ships out on sundays. You should be fine.
I really need to hear any sennheiser. I would love the opportunity. My first rig is Audio-gd dac 19mk3 to Audio-gd c2c with D7000's and I cant take them off. Love e'm. But I am curious! Where can I try them? I know they have shows. I live in Michigan. I almost want to just buy the HD650's but for some reason they dont seem like they fit my style considering I love the D7000's so much. By what I've read they are night and day by comparison.
Denon D5000, Might have to throw in a few extra bucks. Otherwise D2000
Quote: Originally Posted by djayjp And His Name Is: SHURE SE530!!! Ok, I have owned a pair of UE Super Fi. 5 pros and have extensively auditioned the Denon D2000, 5000, Sennheiser HD650 (cardas recable), and the Sennheiser IE8. I unfortunately wasn't able to hear the Westone 3 as there are no authorized resellers in canada . Anyway, I strongly feel that this whole 'rolled off highs' business is for the elderly and for people with hearing...
Most are in stock. He only ships out every Sunday. I got my tracking # Monday. If you order after fri you will have to wait a week for him to ship it out the next sun.
Well I just ordered a set of 1 Foot blue jeans with tech flex. Thanks for the advice guys!
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