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SOLD Will ship out priority mail USA for free. Email me for other out of country rates. Never even used the rolling kit yet. Warranty card says the date SOLD includes paypal fees and shipping. Comes with everything original in the original packaging. Will ship out ASAP
$600 Limit? Thats what credit cards are for! Sell some old crap on ebay. Everybody has some old crap.....Sorry, probably not much help
I have the upgraded c2c and the DAC19mk3 powering my D7000's and it was way more than I expected. But I can't say I've had much to compare it too. There are 2 modes you can order the c2c in. Mode a and mode b. I chose it to come with mode b and havn't even tried mode a yet, although I do have it standing by. I am impressed every time I put my cans on. It sounds incredible IMO. You won't be disappointed for sure. I should be getting my Woo WA6 in a week or two so that will...
Sold midnightwalker my se530's. Superfast transaction and comunication. Highly recomended!
Here is what you need I think. Adjustable volume electronic ear muffs. I use them at the shooting range. Electronic Hearing Ear Protection Muffs Tactical Muff + - eBay (item 250490626047 end time Sep-29-09 10:48:37 PDT)
Quote: Originally Posted by peanuthead As much as I like the Sophia, I don't think I'll be buying any more in light of all the recent early failures. Time to try out some of the cheaper alternatives... Like what if I may ask? Whats better for the price? Or just better? And from where? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by driftingbunnies paid for compass march 15, got a working one in about may. *shrug* life sucks sometimes Thats weird unless he said they had a backed up build time. Sorry
Anybody else have a comment on the EML 5U4G Tube?
Quote: Originally Posted by atbglenn After hearing a few people complaining their Sophia failed after only a couple of months, I'd pass on getting one This maybe a dumb question but there is no warranty from woo on the princess? Or tubes for that matter? This is my first tube amp.
Quote: Originally Posted by ChiComm4 Qué? That's awful. Were you able to fix it? Superglue. We will see if it works.
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