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Fiio E5 is about all your going to get for a $50 budget. ( and it's half your budget at $25 shipped )
Quote: Originally Posted by TobaccoRoad Doesn't J&R usually have it on retail price? Because of this I always tried to avoid it to get better deals somewhere else. I can't imagine they would give you a huge discount like that just because you ask for it. Most headphones are listed at msrp and they say call for the lowest price. I just ordered a pair of HD650's for $314 shipped from J&R. I always get good deals from them. Their customer service is...
Quote: Originally Posted by virusvoodoo That's an awesome price for the D7000's. Where did you get them from, if you don't mind me asking? J&R. They cut good deals. You just have to tell them what your willing to pay. Do a google product search and find the best price and they will beat it.
Quote: Originally Posted by gbacic What do you mean by washing powder? My guess is laundry detergent
Talk to Carlos at ext 1017. Thats the guy I talked to.
I havn't heard the ESW10JPN's but I have the ESW9's and I also have the D7000's and they blow the ESW9's out of the water IMO. The ESW10JPN's are around the same price as the D7000's if i'm not mistaken. I paid $559 shipped for my D7000's I would go with the D7000's.
Quote: Originally Posted by jj94 Bump... And also, where would the best place be to get a new HD650 for a low price? I know Headroom had a coupon code to lower the price to $350, but the coupon code isn't working since Headroom rearranged their site. I ordered some Hd650's from J&R yesterday and talked them down to $314 shipped I didnt believe it untill I got the confirmation email and the tracking # today. I thought once a manager saw it I would...
The D7000's were my first headphone and my first amp was the C2C with the DAC19mk3 and it blew my mind. Still does! I wish I had more to compare things too. I just ordered the Woo Wa6 and HD650's so ill find out soon. Should be an interesting experience I hope for the better! But like somebody once said its a investment.
Terry bought my iBasso D10. Great communication! Prompt payment. A pleasure to do business with. Don't hesitate to deal with him. Great Head-Fi'er.
Buy what you want the first time and spend the money. Trust me. You will do it anyway in a few months. ALMOST everybody does.
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