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Hello. For sale is a WOO audio WA6 with the upgraded power supply. I pvia paypal to WOO on Sept 22/09 and recieved it 4 weeks later. (They are built at the time of order 3-4 weeks build time) so it is less than a month old. I hooked it up to my Audio GD DAC once and listened to it twice and decided im too in love with my C2C and there it sits. Its just not my flavor. Its in perfect condition and will be shipped out ASAP in original packaging after payment is received via...
The D7000's are by far the best IMO. I listen to all kinds of music and they don't disappoint with anything. It's the only pair of headphones I will never sell. I had HD650's and sold them within a few weeks.
I dont really care either. I used to think that burn in doesn't matter. But the more I listen to the equipment I have, the better It sounds. Who knows? Maybe I just enjoy it more? Just roll with it and enjoy the music! The mind is A crazy thing! This subject will be up to personal opinion and experience....... FOREVER!
Quote: Originally Posted by oldson had my d7000s for a couple of weeks now. seller said they only had about 20 hours use. can i expect an improvement??? btw, as they are, they are without doubt my best hifi purchase to date. They are my favorite as well. I will never get rid of mine. As far as the sound getting better with time I dont know. But im impressed more and more every time I put them on. So I guess maybe they do.
Quote: Originally Posted by AmanGeorge Fair points all - to the original poster, disregard my suggestion. I forgot to take this into account. Go with the skullcandy. Ok I laughed out loud too. Not in a disrespectful way to anybody. But its so true
Thanks for the replies. They are new 650's and the mp3's are 128 or above and I never have a problem with my D7000's. I think I'll probably return the 650's. I can turn my c2c almost up all they way and it doesn't hurt my ears. I have my hearing tested for work and it's perfect so I'm not going def but something doesn't seem right with them. My D7000's would kill me at near full volume.
Just received my HD650's. Im kinda disappointed. There is a fizz noise that is noticeable when the bass hits in the left can that can be heard when there isn't a lot going on in the music to mask the sound. They sound good most of the time. Should I send them back right away? Also my C2C is not near powerfull enough for these cans. I Had it clip a few times. I ordered a Woo Wa6. Now im wondering if I should have ordered the Wa6SE. Is the Wa6 going to have a lot more power...
IEM's are the way to go. I work out with my JVC Victor FX500's and they stay in fine. I like them better than the Shure se530's I had. Anything on the ear is a pain when your sweating.
The D2000 are much more fragile and less portable. The ESW9's ear cups turn 45 degrees to fold flat as well. They also sound great!
Quote: Originally Posted by shuttleboi I bought the Denon D5000 recently from for $399. I've read that people find that it has overwhelming bass and need to mod it, but mine's bass is almost perfect. Interestingly, when I got the headphones, I felt that there was some problems with the earcups, so I ordered a replacement from Amazon. When I got them, I did find that the bass was quite strong and drowned out the mids, unlike my first copy. The...
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