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Sold the DAC! Looking to get a new big screen TV so sadly I want to sell this wonderful Upgraded C2C. About 1 year old in perfect working order and in great condition. The only thing is the sun slightly turned the c2c top bronze a bit in color. Face Plate is fine. Never saw the sun. It has the upgraded volume pot. Everything works great and in perfect working order. No scratches. Asking $290 Shipped to the U.S. Paid $435. It will be Professionally packaged and sent out...
Denon D7000 then D5000 then D2000
I sold Jim my ATH-ESW9's and he was very easy to deal with. Easy, quick transaction. Highly recommended!
SOLD Perfect condition. Maybe 6 months old. Around 5 Hours of use. I prefer my denons so they are just sitting in the case. Comes with case. Sold shipped. I will email you pics if you want them or get them up later today. Its not uploading them now.
Quote: Originally Posted by MrGreen There are no proven benefits to auditory perception from being stone. Anyway, I'm on the fence whether I think alcohol is good for music - I don't really like alcohol so I don't drink it. I dont care if people find enhancements with it. If they do, all the more power to them - placebo or not. I wish I had your problem. (not liking alcohol)
Quote: Originally Posted by etiolate these are better than motorcycles. Seems like you wouldnt want to go around a curve to fast with one of those. I've owned a few bikes and I guess I don't get it. The lean is the most important thing.
Im buzzed right now and I love listening to music more with a good buzz and think it sounds better because Im just much more relaxed and i'm usually a pretty intense person that works a lot and am always stressed out. I also have ADD so if i'm sober i feel like I don't have the time or patience to just sit and enjoy music. It's different for everybody but that s my 2 cents.
Swee cheng lee bought my Wa6 from me. He is a great person to deal with. He was very nice and has great, fast comunication. I would definately deal with him again.
Thats awesome skylab! I love my C2C and would love to read another review. (not to put too much pressure on you GLC)
Here are some pics
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