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A year old or so in perfect working condition. I will ship it out the day of payment fedex express. I will include a set of blue jean cables. Only thing is the sun turned the top of the unit slightly bronze in color. It has happened to many people. Face plate is still perfect. Its just the top. Asking $275 shipped via paypal. Thanks!
price drop
I sold Jimmie my Audio GD DAC. Great to deal with. Would love to do business with again! Highly recommended!
Steve bought my Denon D7000's from me and was great to deal with. No back and fourth games. I named my price and he paid promptly. I sent them out the next day. Great to deal with. I would definately do business with him again!
Price Drop.
Price drop.
Sold the DAC so just the C2C for sale. Oh and the Denon D7000's
They are a year old or so. Less than 100 hours on them. Asking $495 shipped. Originally purchased from J&R. The only problem I had was one of the screws showed in the picture kept coming loose so I put some gorilla glue on the screw and screwed it back in and have not had any problems since. It does not affect the movement or operation of the cup. Other than that they have no scratches and no signs of wear. Paypal prefered.
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