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Using Q-tips is fine after a shower and does not impact the wax as long as you do it every day and they are clean to start out with IMO. A hot shower, along with the moisture, softens the wax so it is easily removed almost in a liquid form. Using Q-tips before a shower is definately worse. Before I stared using Q-tips every day after a shower i had impacted earwax and it sucks. After using Q-tips every day Ive never had a problem. My Dr said my ears are always spotless...
Sounds Like ear wax build up to me. Go to the pharmacy and get some ear drops or go to the Doc and get them cleaned out.
Quote: Originally Posted by tacitapproval Poster means that this was already posted on Head-Fi yesterday You live and learn. Sorry. I work 12 hours a day and didnt notice But some others didnt see it either
Quote: Originally Posted by hellzlegend this has been posted before. It was just on sale yesterday. Maybe it was posted before another time. I check this site every day. It said sold out yesterday. Here is the past days sales list. It has the date on it Daily Steals : Deals of the Day Just click on PAST STEALS at the top.
Quote: Originally Posted by DeusEx $80 average price new??? Damn it damn it damn it....could have been my SE530 backup...but then again...the se530 is probably going to be my jh13 backup once I get those in a few months... "Shoots myself in the foot"...unless it's a fake.. I dont think their fake? I go to these "deal of the day" Websites every day and buy a lot of stuff from them and get crazy deals and its all legit so far. I usually check...
Not sure how good these are but by the looks of the other prices online I which I would Have seen this earlier. Cant go wrong for $4.99 They sold out yesterday. New Altec Lansing UHP336 Snugfit In-ear Earphone With 2.5 And 3.5 Jack + 4 Sets Of Fitting Ear Buds
Quote: Originally Posted by bba1973 Good to know. I went ahead and bought a more expensive shorter one off ebay. The 12 inch cable length is just too long for my setup right now. I'm not saying it's bad in any way, just that it's too long for my current setup. Maybe he designed it to be more suitable for hooking it up to a car stereo since he sells car stereo equipment. Agreed, it is too long I was just curious as to what it would sound like...
Quote: Originally Posted by chaospanda well I made mine and I had to put a resistor for it to work on my ipod touch 2g. I did not see a resistor in the picture so I thought it might not work. That is good that it works for all model. I Just got it in the mail and hooked it up to My Iphone 3gs--fiio e5 to my ESW9"s and it sounds awesome. No hiss like with the headphone line out and its seems to be built very well out of good materials. Very well...
Quote: Originally Posted by chaospanda according to the picture it might not work on my ipod touch 2g or the iphone 3g Its looks identical to my iPhone 3gs charging link cable and I emailed the guy and he said it works on all models. He makes them.
Get a cheep hard case online and use 3m double sided tape from an auto parts store. They use it to put on body moulding on cars. It wont come off.
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