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Price Drop
Come on. It's a good price
Price drop
[[SPOILER]] Time to try something else. I purchased these from Seyo-Shop a couple years ago. They work great and are in good condition. I put a new set of Monster SuperTips on them. I will include a few more sets of different sizes. PayPal only. $45 Free shipping to USA. Please message me with any other questions...Thanks! I have feedback. I don't know why it says 0 Look below where it says feedback left here.
Yup. There is a reason I dont drink much. I was just trying to get a response. Bad or Good. I am using my iMac to stream music off spotify mostly and some iTunes thru the USB to my Audio gd DAC and My Audio GD C2 amp. I love the sound for the most part. Just needs a little tweek for my taste. I had almost this same setup years ago but they dont make the same components anymore.
WOW. I havnt been on this web site for a couple of years but trying to get some help is like pulling teeth. Many will read, but no help. Problem is the people that read that are interested in learning something cant answer. And the people that know everything poopoo on everybody because they are so smart and wonder why everybody else doesnt know the answer to questions that are common knowledge for THEM! I know that this post hasnt been up for long but my last one has...
Title pretty much says it. Any ideas?
thanks guys!!! its been great chatting with you!!
Hi everybody. I just got my new Audio GD Rig. I would like to steam and play recorded music from my iPad. I have a Optical, coax, and USB type B input on the DAC. That being said what is the best way to hook up my iPad? To my knowledge there is no single cord that will work. It involves adapters and such. I have never used a Digital coax input before so I am clueless about that Input. Thanks for your help! 
Perfect transaction. Very polite and nice to deal with!!!!!! Good communication!  He purchased my Audio GD C2C
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