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Price reduced.........
Price reduced......
I purchased this about roughly a year ago just like the C2 that I have for sale. It worked fine when I owned an apple desktop the couple times I used it. But I needed a laptop right away so I sold the Apple desktop and I never got the DAC to work with my HP laptop. I don't know if it's the DAC or it's the laptop because it could never find the DAC When I plugged it in but I've had nothing but problems with the HP Laptop and am on my third LCD screen in the thing. Well all...
Purchased roughly a year ago and only listened to a handful of times. Only blemish is a tiny scratch on the back right corner as in the picture. Barely noticeable unless you look really close. Comes with the Sun and Moon opamps. $225 shipped and paypal'd
I am selling all my headphone equipment. $old out-the-door to your house. Mint condition except for a little scratch on the back corner that you can't see unless you look close. I took a pic but its hard to see.
I'm just not sure how to do the whole customs thing but I guess I can figure it out. PM me with your address And I will get a quote from the post office online
Don't pass it up:)
I know I don't understand why they haven't sold yet because I've had a lot of interest but nobody wants to pull the trigger I guess??
Price Reduced
Up for sale is a excellent Condition pair of Denon D7000's. They are only about six months old and have less than 20 hours on them. This is my second pair of them. They are my favorite by far. I have to sell them once again because I need the money :-( I will own a pair again! Message me with any questions or if you have any specific pictures that you would like me to email you but please don't make me go through the work if you're not very serious. $old shipping cost and...
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