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Looks sorta gimmicky but who knows I guess. 
Any teasers you can you reveal? I think they're planning on having another 'Schiit Show' next month.
That doesn't seem to answer the question. It only basically states the 2C51/5670W is better, but not how they're technically compatible/adaptable to the 6922. 
I've been really enjoying these a lot so far, great detail retrieval and dynamics in my Mjolnir 2.  Now I'm wondering how they work.   The specs are not the same for the 6922 and 5670 tubes. That'ss not to say that one cant plop in a 5670 into a circuit designed for a 6922 with a pin-out adapter, and the 5670 would not get harmed because its usual operating points (plate voltage and plate current) are such that there should be no danger of damage. The only parameter that...
 One has to find their personal sweet spot that ideally perfectly intersects at what they're willing to spend and how good the headphones sound to them. For some, that's likely going to be at the most money they can spend on headphones since they may not want to do the research, listening tests, or just believe the more they spend, the better the headphones will sound. I think this type is largely who the manufactures hope to capitalize on with these ultra pricey...
Schiit LISST Solid State Tubes In Box   These came with my Mjolnir 2 amp and I tried them but never really used them.    Price includes free USA shipping and credit cards accepted directly with NO additional fee via Square.com. I'll send you a secure invoice to pay via email. I can also accept PayPal if you prefer. For PayPal, add 4%       Please PM with any questions, and be sure to check out my feedback. 
Utopia definitely has more micro detail and not quite as a relaxed sound because of it. In terms of how the Utopia might compare to the super expensive $3k-$4k headphones, I cannot comment I basically do not like any of them in large due to the high price point. Especially when I feel I can get near their performance and probably in many respects better their performance with my HD800S's.  I did listen to the HE1000 and Audeze LCD-4 in addition to the Utopia and just kept...
I thought the Elear was very good for the price. Then I heard the Utopia and thought it was certainly better but not 4x better, IMO. 
Weight didn't bother me at all, especially coming from the Audeze LCD-3's which are quite heavy. But in terms of potential hotspots, the Focal earcups are smaller than the HD800/S so depending on how big your ears are, they may press on your ear a bit.  
1) Analog headphone amplifier 2) Gain switch 3) On/Off switch
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