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  No, they have said they want to do a balanced one, a Carbon, but portable. 
He ended the auction himself, notice, no high bidder?:  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sennheiser-HDVA-600-Headphone-Amplifier-AMP-/262418821302?
Now your trolling. It has not sold, you still have it up on eBay. 
May I ask then why do you have your 430HA on eBay right now?
Can anyone shed some light on how the 430HA D compares with the Schiit Gungnir Multibit / MJ2 stack for the HD800's?   The Mjolnir2 has similar output power. 
They have said they want to come out with a portable Carbon which is battery powered. 
Folks, it's an AUCTION. No use talking about the price it's currently at since it will only sell to the highest bidder. Saying things like "That's quite a bargain at $305" or whatever is silly. We do not know what it will go for until the auction CLOSES, this is how AUCTIONS work. 
Who the heck gives their Cavalli Liquid Carbon to Goodwill?   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Cavalli-Liquid-Carbon-Audiophile-Headphone-Stereo-Amplifier-Made-in-USA-Works-/311619822730?hash=item488dfd248a:g:KbYAAOSwBPNXRdBp   Personally, I have my doubts it even works. 
The Woo stand is very nice. My only small complaint is that since it's metal, you have to be careful not to ding your headphones against it when placing them on. Also it has a sorta sharp corner edge. 
Another one for sale!
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