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Jason, your next unreleased product should be named:    Obsulete   :)
 It drove my Audioquest Nighthawk's and Sony Z1R's really well. I've heard it may not be as good wit harder-to-drive headphones however. 
Seems like vaporware. 
I currently have one of the review units in hand. Here's a video I did:    
Probably Kimber. 
Thanks. I'll be keeping both. 
My video comparing the Z1R to the Audioquest Nighthawk:  
I like EQ'ing 10kHz down slightly and 1kHz up slightly for smoother vocals.  I also boost bass frequencies up a bit too on certain albums.  Nothing crazy, just small adjustments.  BTW, I use the VOX Music Player app in OSX, which is free, has an EQ and sound great. It also plays high rez files like FLAC, ALAC, etc!
The new Enigma and the new Metallica, if I recall. 
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