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I plan on attending!
I love the A8's, they retain that smooth Cardas sound signature, yet are lighter than the prior model. I have to sell him however (see signature) as I've determined that I just can't stand having something in my ear. 
By your logic, and if you desire to treat positive as well as not so positive impressions equally, someone who likes the headphones should also just 'pop in, say your piece, if there's a disagreement, find a better use of your time:"
Well, this is the impressions and discussion thread. Impressions are not and should not be limited to only positive ones. Nowhere does it state "only positive impressions are acceptable'.  If someone doesn't like the headphones, they should be able to voice their opinion and back it up with their reasoning for it, the same way with someone who likes the headphones. 
 Why? It's a balanced DAC. 
^ I didn't like Wireworld. For the price, it sounded worse than lower costing options in my system. 
Same here. Best DAC I've owned so far. My budget didn't allow for the Yggy anyways but to hear the Gumby sounds more 'euphonic' to many is like icing on the cake. :)
It sounds good. A bit thin on the vocals/mids than my desktop setup, but quite good for a portable. I'm listening to this set up as we speak (Mojo with the HD800 S). 
There are, but most require plug in power so probably not practical with the Mojo. 
These are 100% like new in the factory box with all eartips included. Also includes carrying/storage case.    Retail on these is $299.      Price includes free USA shipping and credit cards accepted directly with NO additional fee via Square.com. I'll send you a secure invoice to pay via email. I can also accept PayPal if you prefer. For PayPal, add 3.5%   Please PM with any questions, and be sure to check out my feedback :)
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