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This is terrible. Let's band together and catch these thieves!
Just FYI these are today's Amazon deal of the day and are $129. today:
V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Headphones Black with XL Earpads In Box!   Comes with XL Earpads installed and original earpads included.    Everything included, in the factory box. See pics.    These have only been used a handful of times and show only minor signs of any usage.    $170. OBO   Price includes USA shipping to Paypal confirmed address only. 
Same here. I actually want bass heavy (within reason) and laid back highs. My LCD3s give me that in strides. 
FYI - I think I've determined via a bunch of trial and error that the different headphone presets in Amarra are supposed to be used with the corresponding headphones.
Yesh, I'm happy with my M8 but don't think I'd buy another Centrance product in the future. Their lack of prompt customer service certainly gives me pause. 
For all we know, the DAC could have not even been installed inside the case. New devices are often demo'ed with what is ready, not finalized revs. This does not automatically mean it sucks.  
If you felt that way, and you were there, why didn't you ask them to hook it up the way you wanted and actually take a listen and compare? Since you did not do that it seems you are the one drawing conclusions. 
Well maybe they wanted to show off the Pono sound through the amp. You can't do that if connecting the amp to a computer, you'd need to actually connect the Pono for that.  Others have shown pics above in this thread of the Deckard connected to computers via USB, so not sure what your point is.  The fact that they connected the amp via different inputs does not mean the DAC sucks, as you seem to imply. Anyone who has been to can-jam or any other audio shows knows that...
 Maybe because it was the Pono booth? Or they didn't have a computer to hook up at that moment to the Deckard amp. It could be any number of reasons.
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