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No, but I know more than 2 people on here who sold theirs once they get the TT.  Also, many have posted saying they like the Gumby more than the Yggy in terms of warmth and euphonics. So, sounds like for many, Yggy could be worse than both TT and Gumby. 
Indeed. I would love to get the DAVE. Maybe some day. 
Samsung is denying it (although it doesn't necessarily mean it's not true):  http://www.reuters.com/article/us-focal-m-a-samsung-elec-idUSKCN12O0ZM
I emailed them last week and they said they shoudl be back in stock in a couple of weeks.
Me too. Probably a bit of a toss up between the HD800S and Elear actually. 
 Basically: TH900 - too bright trebleHD800S -a bit too lean sounding, widest soundstage of the 3Elear - still a bit too bright treble for me (but I'm treble sensitive), but a nice impactful bass and crystal clarity, upper mid hole a bit annoying. 
I've owned the TH900, HD800S's and Elear's. I'd choose the Elear over the others. 
I certainly don't see myself changing out my HugoTT any time soon. It's been quite a revelation over the Gungnir Multibit. :)
Yes, there's a sticker on the left rear (or right rear when peering over the top from the front): 
 If we're talking about leaving it on all the time, you have to calculate it at 24 hours per day, not 10 hours per day. 50,000 hours at 24 hours per day would be about 5.7 years. 
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