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You all see?:  
I don't believe there are multiple versions. 
 I would think that unless you are getting signal drop outs and/or clicks and crackles, the Wyrd may not improve anything and may not be needed.  It can depend on the USB receiver in your DAC too. For example, the one in my Burson Conductor has been upgraded to a better one that is supposed to eliminate the need for any external USB tuner. 
Thanks. Ragnarok perhaps?
Anyone know if Schiit Audio will be there?
 Schiit Ragnarok & Yagissril or whatever you call it. 
If you're going to be stacking them Schiit offers some shorty XLR interconnects they call Pyst:
 Not really. He said above: So, one could not really make the statement that it is purely a single-ended amp because it runs balanced internally.  One probably could also not make the statement that it is a purely balanced amp though that said, it's more of a balanced amp than a single-ended amp due to the impedance balanced output. 
Balanced does not mean more amplifiers. It's just an improved way of wiring. See;  
Is the Yggdrasil gonna have Wyrd technology built in? Seems like a good USB module could have that built in, no?
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