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Trying out the Audioquest Nighthawk in balanced mode with my Oppo HA-1.
Cool. I had no idea that was possible. It would be nice if they implement a headphone muting option.
How do you install it and also see what version you have? 
As far as I know, it's not possible to upgrade the firmware on the HA-1. 
I just got back from Oppo (I'm lucky to live in the SF Bay Area, they are only an hour a way with no traffic).    They replaced my buzzing HA-1 for me and told me it was the toriodial transformer. Very nice folks there.    The new one is totally silent so thanks all for the input above in letting me know the buzzing was not normal.    Nathan (I think that's his name) at OPPO also reassured me the screen on the HA-1 will not suffer burn in when left on. :)
Answered my own question-I picked up the Oppo balanced cable today and it works with the Nighthawks just fine:  Seems like a pretty good cable too albeit a bit expensive. I probably wouldn't have bought it but I was at Oppo anyways for a warranty issue on my HA-1.  The most immediate improvement I notice running these balanced so far is smoother more 'Audeze' like vocals and also opens up the soundstage a bit, a welcomed improvement for sure however note, the differences...
 Speaking of this, I really wish I could mute the headphone out but not the preamps. That way, when I want to switch to speakers, I wouldn't have to unplug the headphones each time. 
Yes they're made in China.
In case anyone is interested, here is my video review of these headphones below. Long story short, after putting it through it’s paces all week, I think Audioquest has a winner on their hands.      http://youtu.be/112LxNN5s_0
   Yea, these really aren't for running or working out in. I would suggest IEMs for that. 
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