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Quote: Originally Posted by MomijiTMO That wasn't what I was getting at either . I just find it odd that everything else is a go in this section but ayre audio.
I have posted the audioholic threads before. Cables & Switchers — Reviews and News from Audioholics Speaker Cable Face Off 1 — Reviews and News from Audioholics Speaker Cable Reviews - Faceoff 2 — Reviews and News from Audioholics Speaker Cable Faceoff 3 - The DIY Shootout — Reviews and News from Audioholics
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncle Erik If you have a question about site administration, take it up directly with a moderator or an administrator. Send them a PM and ask. And was it the same mod who locked both ayre audio threads?
Quote: Originally Posted by MomijiTMO You didn't think this thread through did you. No I did not, thanks to the gold medal hockey game, I put NOT instead of NO in the title.
Quote: Originally Posted by Armaegis Materials do not necessarily change when cooled to cryo temperatures. Everything hinges on composition and the existing microstructure, as well as any residual stresses and/or deformations. Material phase changes are usually reversible, especially if the temperature changes are made gradually. Changes that are not reversible: - precipitation (ie: of solute alloying elements, carbides, etc) - change in grain...
Is there some kind of connection with the mods on this site and ayre audio? Are there a pile of ayre fan boys/girls that do not want any technical discussions of ayre audio products? Seems that ONLY the ayre audio threads are being locked.
Quote: Originally Posted by anetode I have, or at least I think I have, after trudging through a large portion of the avsforum thread. There's a tactful way to handle criticism of high end b.s. that doesn't involve the raking across the coals of someone's name along with their pseudoscientific assertions. But charles is ayre so it is one in the same. Quote: Originally Posted by wnmnkh Argh, his rumblings on AVS forum is.......
Quote: Originally Posted by Armaegis That said, I make no statement regarding whether or not I think it makes a difference in audio. I simply presented what I know regarding generic cryo temperature treatments applied to metals. I have yet to read up on what cryo treatment supposedly improves on. I took a quick gander at the toenshend cryo interview posted above, and while I can glean a bit of info out of that, the writing is vague. I want some hard...
Quote: Originally Posted by sahwnfras /\ /\ Well he does have a point. I gave up on specs years ago, everyone lies. Always let your ears be the judge. Depends, the high end is very "tricky" on their specs but when properly measured by sites like audioholics we get a clear picture. Point being with the cryo snake oil is that there are no changes and hence no difference in sound.
toenshend cryo interview Quote: Can any of this measured? No, not with a DVM or oscilloscope, but a resounding yes with the most sensitive measuring instrument of all: your ears! Got ya.
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