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They're not sold yet, I got a ton of PMs last night while I was sleeping, I messaged a ton of people back after I woke up but they haven't logged on yet or they're not interested in them anymore.   Due to the high demand I raised the price by $10 sorry to those that were hoping to get them for cheaper.   Please PM me I really need to get rid of these, also check out the Little Dot MKIV SE I have for sale, if you buy both off me I will give you a discount since I...
I'm selling my Sennheiser HD650's, they are only about 4 months old, work great and have no cosmetic flaws, comes with original box(es), instruction booklet, warranty card and 3.5mm adapter.   Word of warning: I don't smoke in my home however the smell of cigarettes can rub off into your fingers/hair so they may smell like smoke considering I've handled them.   Asking for $260 shipped via USPS Priority Mail with insurance included, price is firm no offers please.
I'm selling my Little Dot MKIV SE, it is about 4 months old and works perfectly and has no cosmetic flaws, comes with a pair of matched Mullard M8161 Tubes ($30 value) I'm including the original tubes that came with it as well, original cable and instruction booklet are also included.   Asking $375 shipped via USPS Priority Mail with insurance included or PM me with your offers.
Looking to buy a gently used HD555, I don't want to buy one that has been foam modded or tampered with in any way. I'm willing to pay $65 shipped via PayPal if it comes with the original box and $60 shipped if it doesn't.
LT1364 LM4562 OPA2604 MC33078 2X JRC 2114D   They all work good. I bought some of these off digikey and some of them came with my sound card and amp.   Asking for $15.00 for all 6 shipped in the USA lower 48.
I think you're better off going with the Little Dot MKII or MKIII for the HD600 since the I+ is optimized for low resistance headphones and not high resistance headphones such as the HD600.
I bought an OPA2604, put it in the buffer slot of my STX and it made the lower treble really harsh, I thought this couldn't be right so I tried putting it into my Little Dot I+ and BAM warm, liquid sound with no harshness, I later read that this opamp can be harsh if it's not fully powered, I really like the sound of it in my Little Dot, and I'd like to try them out in my STX's I/V slots but I'm afraid to purchase more because of the probability that they'll be unstable...
I just tried switching out the LM4562 with the LT1364 in the buffer and keeping the stock JRC's in the IV, bad combo with my AD900's, the vocals were brought out too much especially the male vocals, there was extreme sibilance in the male vocals, I had to put the stock LM4562 back after just an hour because I couldn't stand it. There were some things I did like about it though, like the OPA series of opamps (opa2228, opa2604 etc) the LT1364 has toned down treble...
Quote: Originally Posted by Aynjell Mine sound warm and bassy. Let 'em run for a bit longer... but who knows with tubes? Well they did sound a tiny bit warmer at first particularly in the lower midrange but nothing like what happened 15 hours in, man I'm just baffled, that sudden change really caught me off guard.
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