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Almost everyone has one of these whiney "I'm leaving Head-Fi" because of something so-and-so said. I guess I get to be unique because I'm leaving for what I said. I received yet another warning and "rule change notification" from Jude in my email today. Jude's been wanting me to leave for some time now but to keep this message primetime tv friendly, I can't really describe how I feel about that. Anyway, as it is often said, it's Jude's forum and I frankly don't...
Quote: Originally posted by sephka I'd imagine that two front speakers and two rear speakers are really enough. With those four, you have the back and front represented. Center and sub are kind of icing on the cake. And after that, it seems kind of excessive. In my experience, I'd rather have the center than the rears, actually.
...seems like a good time to buy a cd player.
Where better to ask this than a headphone forum? Yamaha recently announced their new flagship model to have 9.1 channel surround sound. I'm just wondering: How many do we think we need? Personally, I'm a little disappointed that we don't have any on the Y plane. If you're going to put 9 on all sides, don't we need some in the floor and ceiling? Maybe put a sub in the neighbor's house for long distance...
I guess this is for the anal Mac guys out there - what's the absolute best way to encode to aac? These damned search engines won't let me search for three letter words.
If you meant VOICE CHAT, then no Trillain does not support that. Instant Messaging is more for text based communication. There are a multitude of better applications for voice communication. As for your two friends hosing their machines just by installing Trillian, all I can offer is that even the short bus has more than one seat.
Quote: Originally posted by Sovkiller more than 6, mine should be 5.8 then, and you forgot to mention that does not requite to really chat, (chat means talk) not type, this program does not let you talk, and I was not able to run ICQ even when I have an ID becasue I do not have the program installed, mine was an older version, but anyway I do not like it, kelly if you like it, as you have a greater IQ more than 6 obviously, keep on using the kids interface...
Trillian does not require that you have other chat systems installed. It does require a user with an iq greater than six.
Man, I love horror films but none of my friends do. I'm missing out on a serious rash of releases lately: Underworld, The Order, Cabin Fever, Jason v Freddy - at least the home theater is coming along so I guess I can enjoy them next spring. I really need to see American Splendor sometime this weekend.
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