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Jens Lekman - I Know What Love Isn't  
Anyone compared the MDAC to the Rega DAC. I am currently using the Rega DAC and I love it! But, I need a new Headphone amp to drive a set of K701/HD 650.   The main reason for being interested in the Audiolab is the Headphone amp. If the DAC is at the level as the Rega and the headphone amp is able to drive a set of AKG 701 or HD 650, then I might be willing to try it.   Comments anyone?
Quote: Originally Posted by 9pintube "On The Road To Freedom"--Alvin Lee "Endless Road" - Ride
Quote: Originally Posted by Olias of Sunhillow Just got this... Stunning, genre-bending stuff. A very nice album, like it a lot. If you like this, you might also want to check out his album Largo from 2002 (includes an amazing version of Paranoid Android)
Thanks a lot for a very nice summary!
Yeah, what is the conclusion? I have been considering the Naim Dac as I already have a Naim/Monitor Audio stereo setup.
Beach House - Teen Dream
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