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True. I think the only time all the modded T50RPs will sound the same is when everyone uses the same setup and everyone aims for a natural sound. If that is the case eventually it will sound close to the same.
It is funny how the HD600 original price of $314 jumped up to $519 before amazon added the 50% off. The actual deal is only 17% off, if you consider going from $314 to $260.  
I want you to name them because I'm curious.
The TF10s are far from lacking bass, if anything the bass might be somewhat overwhelming. Still like it though. Listening to IU's Mia = , even though I don't understand a single word.
Which $300-400 IEM are you referring to?
Sounds like improper polarity. Make sure you are plugging the cable in correctly. If you are, then most likely earphone is damage.  
The worst Fanboys are Fanboys who complain about other Fanboys.
The B2s have better separation and detail BUT you get a lot less bass and the BUILD QUALITY is not that great and the cable is not replaceable. The TF10 is better at more music genre than the B2.
I got mine today too and so far I'm like them. There is a good amount of bass. You must not have a good seal if your are not getting enough bass. Try the flip mod thing. I kind of subconsciously did it when I was putting the TF10 on the same way I do with the B2s. For me at least, I do get a better seal this way. While I really enjoy the TF10 I still prefer my modded Fostex T50RP over it.
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