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will those work with a sansa fuze ? I have the SM pl-30's and it takes about 70% of the volume for comfortable listening, and the Impedance on the M1's is much higher, will the sansa fuze even drive them to a comfortable listening volume ?
great thanks for the help I'll keep an eye out for the new models next month.
just one thing about the G85, I noticed in the review raz gave he had to click several times until the touchscreen noticed the click, and such thing did not occur on the BMORN, how the G85 responsiveness in your experience?
Hi, I need a new pmp device for watching video's mainly, preferably cheap 100-140 dollars. I'd like it to have a long battery life, speaker is a plus, I rather it be sturdy since I'm in the army and stuff tends to break here. I thought about the Widow G85 or the BMORN BM889 from mp4nation but if you guys have anything different to suggest I'm all ears, thanks !
thanks , I went for the fuze I bought it right now , I can't hear sound differences yet but its alright I like it . very nice player .
sorry I meant to ask if the fuze's SQ is far inferior to the iaudio i7's SQ with a pair of pl-30's which I already own.
thanks but I have no idea where to purchase one and its probably above budget . I think I may go for the fuze , one last thing about SQ , is it far inferior with a pair of pl-30's or jbl 220's or I wont even notice the difference either way ?
thanks, I'll appreciate more opinions , the battery time on the fuze might be tricky since I might not have a place to charge it in the army .
I thought it would be the appropriate place to ask , I'm looking for a new player and i was thinking about the fuze 4GB or the iaudio i7 4GB which are about the same price , its for the army and travel , can anyone speak of the comfort of the interface ?
the headphones arrived after two and a half weeks of transit , I cant seem to distinguish if it sounds better then regular earbuds but it can also be my mp3 which isn't that good (teac mp380) , a big plus is the sound isolation and it works quite well , and they're comfortable .
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