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i haven't actually gotten mine yet, but from what i've heard the denon d-2000's are pretty close in quality, but i know the sound signature is a bit different. my first pair of good cans was the hd 595, and i love em, but i wanted a closed pair of cans to go with em. the d-2000's get here soon, so we'll see how i like em.
best ones i've ever heard are my HD 595s, but i haven't actually given anything nicer a shot. maybe the HD 650s are the next step up for me. either way my denon d2000s are on their way, so hopefully those will give the senns a run for their money.
i went and got a ibasso d10 for my 595s, and i love it. only cans i have no are my 595s for home listening and a pair of RE0s for portable use, and the d10 works great for both of those. problem is that it's not quite portable enough for me. i love it for plane flights and bus rides and stuff like that, but for walking around its just a bit too big. that being said, i'm a little bit confused. If you're using the amp with just a 595, wouldn't you want a full sized...
i've been checking my mailbox / package tracker for usps frantically for the past few days. mine should be here tomorrow or tuesday. can't wait. | YUIN is for the touch.
head direct has a pretty good one for just around 50$, for all ipod usage. i think they have an i-touch specific LOD for 30$ or so. check it out.
i'm glad somebody mentioned the Denon D1001's. i've test driven them, and they sound like exactly what you're looking for based off of the info you've given everybody. i'm actually saving up for a pair of em right now cause i want a good pair of close cans. anyways, good luck with your decision.
I got my HD595s for much the same reasons as you did, and with a headphone amplifier they perform spectacularly well. i use them for both music and gaming, and am very happy with both. one note of warning, the bass on mine sounded a little bit muddy for the first few weeks i had em, but as skeptical as i was of "burn in" it honestly seemed to help. all i can tell ya is that they keep getting better the longer i have them.
Quote: Originally Posted by salannelson I can't wait. I am DYING to see them live saw them at lollapalooza last year. it's really quite something. if you get a chance jump on it!
if the new album's like anything else they've ever done, then it'll be awesome. for that matter, even if it's completely different, it'll still be great. it's porcupine tree.
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