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If I should just use one of the presets, which one should I use? There is no preset for the iPhone 6s. The iPhone preset available, I think, is meant for the iPhone 5/5s (with the smaller screen and resolution). I've read I should just use the AppleTV 3 preset?  
Aren't you talking more on audio files? I'm actually interested in converting video files.
No one? Hope I didn't post this in the wrong forum (i.e. should have been in Portable Source Gear).
I have a bunch of video files in varying formats. I've been told Handbrake is probably the best option for converting these files into iPhone 6s-friendly formats. My question is, what settings should I use so that I maintain the original quality of the audio and video while converting the file into .mp4? The goal is not to have small file sizes but to maintain the original's quality. I am assuming the Apple presets available in Handbrake don't offer the utmost best quality...
Thanks for the replies! Any recommendations for wall-mounted shelves or speaker mounts for the LSR305? I was recommended this on the Gearslutz forum but I am not sure because it will only give me about 2 inches of space behind the port vs. the recommended 5-6 inches.
Thanks.Two more questions...1. Will I have to make sure the tweeter of the LSR305 is at ear-height or at least close to ear-height? I've read that these monitors have a very narrow vertical dispersion.2. Will there be any issues by having a software-based volume control for the LSR305 + LSR310S combo? I'm talking about Window's own volume control that I can increase and decrease with my keyboard. Would pumping up the Windows-based volume control to max send an...
Well I went ahead and placed my order for 2 x LSR305 + 1 x LSR310S for my new PC audio setup. They will be replacing my current Corsair SP2500 speakers. Hopefully it will be positive improvement in sound quality and maximum SPL.   However...   When used with the LSR310S subwoofer, will the LSR308 offer anything better in terms of sound quality over the LSR305? I've read that some actually prefer the LSR305's sound over the LSR308's? Is this true? Lastly, when...
But the subwoofer in my actual/main home theater only has XLR input while my A/V receiver only has a RCA output for the subwoofer channel. I use a RCA to RCA cable with an XLR adapter cable at the subwoofer end and it works fine?
Another question just came up... Instead of connecting the Titanium HD to the LSR310S with RCA to 1/4" mono plug cables, can I use RCA to XLR cables instead from the Titanium HD to the LSR310S? Or will it not make any difference?
So the LSR305 + LSR310S combo will provide better sound quality and higher output/SPL than the SP2500 in the same conditions, correct?
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