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I'll be keeping an eye on this. 
Okay, I am thinking Sony MDR-7520 + Schiit Asgard 2 connected to my Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD. I know the Asgard 2 might be overkill for the MDR-7520 but I really like the fact that it has RCA inputs and outputs (I'll be able to connect my powered speakers to the RCA outputs on the Asgard 2). By the way, would there be any loss in sound quality for the speakers by having the Asgard 2 in the way?   Lastly, if I were to leave my speakers connected directly to...
Just noticed that the Asgard 2 has RCA pre-outs. Does this mean I can connect my Titanium HD's RCA outs to the Asgard 2's RCA ins and the Asgard 2's RCA pre-outs to my powered speakers? Would there be any quality loss for the speakers by having the Asgard 2 in the middle of the pathway?
I asked what amp I should get for the MDR-7520 + Titanium HD and was recommended the Schiit Magni. When asked if I should spring for the more expensive Vali or Asgard 2, the user was not sure if it would be beneficial because the MDR-7520 are a 24-ohm load.   So, should I get the Magni or spend more on the Vali or Asgard 2? Would more expensive amps be even worth it consider these are only 24-ohm...
 Thanks. Would there be any difference between plugging into the headphone jack at the back of the Titanium HD vs. plugging into the front panel headphone jack on the case (which is connected to the Titanium HD)?
 Thanks. What if I want to save the RCA output jacks on my Titanium HD for my speakers? Could I connect the output from the headphone-out on the front of my desktop computer case to the Schiit Magni by using a RCA to 3.5 mm converter cable? Edit: Are you saying I will gain nothing by getting the more expensive Vali or Asgard 2?
How would the MDR-7520 compare to the Sony XBA-3 IEMs? Would the MDR-7520 offer a larger sound stage that would be beneficial for PC gaming? I already have the XBA-3 and want to know if I should just get an amp and use the XBA-3 for gaming or get the MDR-7520 and an amp.
I have a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD sound card in my desktop and I am planning on getting the Sony MDR-7520 headphones. The main goal is excellent sound for PC gaming. Any recommendations for an amp? The max I would like to spend is $300. I don't want a DAC because I want to use my sound card's sound processing features.   One more thing: I already have the Sony XBA-3 IEMs and find they sound great. Could I just get an amp and use these IEMs for PC gaming...
 Have the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD.
 If I use a DAC with my sound card, wouldn't I lose all its sound processing and whatnot? Secondly, when I plug in my current IEMs (Sony XBA-3) into the sound card, I get virtually no noise. I don't think noise will be an issue and, secondly, I'd prefer to keep the sound card's sound processing.
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