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Any recommendations for an amp for the MDR-7520? I want to use them for PC gaming and I have a Titanium HD sound card in my PC. It doesn't have its own amps so I want to get something to ensure I get the best sound quality possible.
What is the best online site to order these headphones? I usually order everything from Amazon but I am not sure if the current seller on Amazon is an authorized Sony dealer.   What about this...
 Thanks. Could I run the MDR-7520 hooked-up directly to a Titanium HD sound card? I don't really need an amp to take them to their full potential, correct?
Thanks. Any comments on how these compare to the Sennheiser HD 650?
Are these good for PC gaming?
  The louder I play the XBA-3 (right earpiece), the louder/more noticeable the buzzing. I think that at 65% or lower volumes (using 5th generation iPod touch with no amp), there is no buzzing. Note, this only happens on bass-heavy songs at certain parts.
  It's like a faint buzzing sound.
My XBA-3 also makes a weird sound from the right ear piece at certain parts of certain songs.
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