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Man, where are those reviews? lol 
Yeah Joe is the site owner.  He's taking preorders on his site.   www.headphoneaudiophile.com
@DGCFAD , if the power has been upped to the same power of the QP1, does that mean the QP1R will also have similar battery life?
Depending on the reviews for the QP1(R), I'll be using my Noble 4C.  
lol SMH... not surprised.  I project October or December..lol jk.  Hopefully soon...
Well they said that this should be released by the end of this month.  Looks to be at least another week hopefully.  
Whens this gonna be released already?...
Maybe this can help.   http://en.questyleaudio.com/product-qp1
Ok, so correct me if I'm wrong.  The QP1R has a gain switch for IEM and high impedance cans? The QP1 may be a but too strong for CIEM than?  Or would listening at lower volume be ok with a CIEM with the QP1?
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