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No takers?
So, I still haven't read anything in detail to the sound signature difference between the QP1 and QP1R but that they almost sound the same.  Can someone lead me to a review or shed some light on this?  It's pretty obvious that there's a difference in power, we can see that in the specs.     Thanks
I see.  I may need to invest in one myself.  Thanks.  
I am using a 32 GB sans disk.  I should be getting a 200 gb micro tomorrow or Tuesday I'll see how it fares with the 200 GB card.  
Has anyone had trouble transferring files to the QP1/R while attached to their PC/laptop?  I tried to transfer WAV files to a micro SD card in the QP1.     I had trouble for a few hours trying to put a few songs on the card, then ejecting the QP1 properly, and then reattach it to my laptop.  It transferred a couple of songs at a time but I had to repeat this to get just 6 songs loaded onto the card.  I detached the QP1 and took out the micro SD card and put it into my...
The QP1/R don't need burn in do they?
I see, good point.  I'll keep that in mind.   Thanks for the heads up.  
What kind of hours have some of you been getting?  In the specs it mentioned up to 16 but that's not in balance mode is it?
Thanks guys.  I was afraid if I ordered even with the fast shipping I'd need to wait for 3 more weeks.  Yikes...     Thanks for the clarification. 
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