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Ok, so correct me if I'm wrong.  The QP1R has a gain switch for IEM and high impedance cans? The QP1 may be a but too strong for CIEM than?  Or would listening at lower volume be ok with a CIEM with the QP1?
Selling my GO450 if anyone is interested.  I'm moving... need the money.  
Haha I see you just sold yours not too long ago!  If I miss it too much (which I did the first time I sold one) I'll get one again.  =) sigh the life of an audiologist.  
Haha yeah no kidding.  I want to go after a DAP perhaps the QP1 in the future but I need all the money I can get for my move first.  I read that the QP1 sounds pretty similar to the GO450 + UHA.  Hopefully so as I don't sit at my desk using the combo.  I use my DAP mostly.   Hey your profile pic is on an artist Kno album death is silent.  Its a pretty sick hip hop album.   UHA SOLD! GO450 still available.  
Responded.  =)
Haha thanks!
Aloha,   I have a Geekout 450 which has hardly been used.  It's in mint condition and has the upgraded firm and in original box.  Looking to sell these for SOLD shipping included paypal fees not.    I also have a Mintcondition(body) Leckerton UHA-6S.MKII with w/ADA4627-1A going for SOLD shipping included paypal fees not.  Since I live in Hawaii the coaxial input is slightly rusting and the screws.  I never used the Coaxial, only used the USB plug.  I don't have the...
I wrote a few days ago but no reply.   
Alright thanks for the help.  =)
I tried to check out the FB page and couldn't find anything.  I kind of skimmed.  I may need to look better to find it unless it was removed.   DGCFAD, do you know anything about a preorder for the QP1?  If so what are the details please? Aloha
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