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Heir,Frogbeats C4The graphs for both are on the link.
Looks like candy...mmmmmm
Hmmm... I read somewhere that some switched out their pads to the EDT 1350 N.  I'm assuming that this is different from the one your referring too?
Proud Owner!  Anyone switch out the pads?
 Shucks ​ I tried    In all seriousness... I miss my C4's.  Come back to me.... please... I'm having withdraws...
Does that mean a sale?   
Dang, Thanks for this thread!  I just got the DT1350 and love the sound but while I was using them over the period of 3 hours my ear started to hurt badly.  I just ordered the new pads from Adorama.  Thanks for the recommendations!    Edit: I placed the order two days ago and now it says they aren't in stock.  I asked for a cancelation since I use it for long periods of time and they begin to hurt.   but I got to admit.  Their sound sig pulls me in....
Noble C4 should be up there too.  
Oh, someone is selling their K10's if anyone is interested.  I wish I had the money as I'd pick um up...
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