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I like marsupial edition   You can get a kick out of things.  heh heh heh 
Whats the m stand for?  Haha don't worry she'll speak to you when you get your CIEM.  
Get the 4C!  Its awesome and I use it for everything.  Even out of the Sansa sport clip.  Very good choice especially if your looking for a flat sound.  I'd like to get the K10 in the future but the 4C it perfect for now purposes.  It has deep bass thats controlled and the detail is better than the UERM (I have been told by some hardcore loving UERM guys, @bangkokkid you know them, "graphs" ring a bell? ) with a nice sound stage for a CIEM.  Go for it!  You won't regret...
Oh man.  I just sold mine.  I miss mine... they sound so good.  I wish I hadn't.  Good luck with your sale!
Are most of the designs made by the wizard?
65.4lbs 80.3lbs 93.6lbs
Hello,  I am selling my UE11pro.  I've had it for just about 5 months. They have nothing wrong with them and sound absolutely amazing.  If your a bass head and want controlled punchy, deep bass, this is your CIEM.  I also have 2 cables (one for advices and a back up black cable) that I will include or they can be purchased separately for $20.  UEM pro going for $500.  The current cable on the UE11 has a little rust only on the metal in the plastic sleeve.     I am also...
I'd have to disagree with the CIEM vs IEM.  I've tried many different buds and they always fall out when in my ear while I'm working out or running.  CIEM's have never given me that problem.  But I am only speaking for myself.  Plus they seal better.  That would be dependent on how the audiologist also does the molds and also a persons ear canal. Perhaps there should be an option for the universal, but I'd have to say that CIEM are what I prefer.  
Thanks. kh600rr!
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