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Noble C4 should be up there too.  
Oh, someone is selling their K10's if anyone is interested.  I wish I had the money as I'd pick um up...
One color?  I peaked at the owner transfer and you can have different colors for the shell and faceplate.  Almost the same options as ordering it new.  
ohhhh.... K10's
Ya I know what you mean.  When I hit the weight room or when I'm warming up for a volleyball tournament some people ask me what I have in my ears.  At first they think they are hearing aids but after I let them know what they are they show some peak of interest.  In fact I know quite a few friends who sing or play in local bands here that have been thinking of getting CIEM for their concerts after speaking to me.  
Ya customs can be a bit of a snag in some places.  Here in Hawaii there isn't very many audiophiles too.  People think I'm crazy for spending X amount of money on a CIEM, a DAC( which some don't have a clue what it is) or even a HP amp.  I never get to listen to anything unless I buy it and read up on it from trusted reviewers so I totally understand what you mean.  Plus Hawaii is very expensive for shipment.  So, ya I need to be extra cautious and patient and read before...
Where you from?   I've heard of some people ordering it from japan and using a third party to have it sent to them.  I did this once but forgot who I went through as my third party.  
Heck ya.  She loves music too.  So when I had told her about my CIEMs and showed her the lovely art Wizard does her eyes lit up in awe.  I got to thank you and Luis again for helping me out with getting the C4.  I don't regret it at all but I'm missing it at the moment as the left side kind of went soft.  I'm going through withdrawals without the audio goodness.  It must be meant to be since she's turning into an audiophile too.  Hehe... or will soon after getting her C4's.  
Ya I'd like to get my hands on them too.  A SD card should help out too.  Ya they are!  Too bad I can't eat too much of it as mangos and tomatoes are both highly acidic for my health.  Psoriasis, acts up if I eat all that goodness.   I tried to visit the Sony site but they only have an option to get a reminder when the NWZ-A's are available.  I hope its soon... 
I completely agree.  Some like to eat it green and pickled.  Not my favorite but its not bad either.  I wonder when the NZW-A's are going to be released.  Im kind of interested.... has anyone heard a date?
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