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I've been trying to use EQu for a few weeks now, it's buggy to say the least. It reduces my iPhone 4 to a crawl when in use, I like to fire up an album and check Facebook, browse some sites, maybe play a game. I can't do that with EQu. I don't like how when you launch the app it just starts playing some random track, I get weird volume fluctuations, and I've had to reboot the phone occasionally when the volume control stops working. Hopefully they update this soon or...
Unfortunately the L3 wont work for me. While it does have the Apple size dock connector, it is the older version. Apple has since switched to an even smaller version that the L1 has. I have an older Apple cable with the L3 style connector and it does not fit many of my cases. 
Thanks guys! I'll be ordering the Fiio L1.
I wasn't sure where to put this, so I apologize if it's in the wrong forum.   I'm looking for a speaker dock for an iPhone 4 for my bedroom. My only requirements are good quality sound with some bass, and that it charges the phone. I don't need any other bells and whistles. Budget is $200 Any suggestions?   Thanks.
Sorry, budget is $50 max.
I am looking to pick up a lod for my iPhone 4. It must have the stock Apple size dock connector, as I use a lot of different cases and some of them only fit the Apple dock connector. Any suggestions?
AT&T Quicksilver usb 3g card, Asus 1002ha netbook, 2gb Corsair ram.
Quote: Originally Posted by DanTheMiataMan on OBDII cars always go to Autozone or whatever and have them pull the CEL then google the CEL number to see if it is something critical or not. ODBII - (95-96ish and newer) Unless you live in California, in which case the BAR has put a stop to that. This is a pre-obdII Nissan? You don't need any special tools, just a phillips head screwdriver.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nocturnal310 I bought Sony SR45E for my vacations.. it has hybrid recording..flash + HDD sony sr45e - Google Product Search Note that model is pal, not ntsc though.
First cd was Inxs Kick, along with my first cd player.
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