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My last five full albums work out to The blakes - The blakes David Gray - Draw the line John Myer - battle studies Miike Snow - Miike snow
My shure SRH 840's arrived! My first set of full sized headphones, Just that alone will take some getting used to. Pretty excited, they are way nicer sounding than the old cheap Sony's and I'll be letting them run for a bit to burn in. I'm dangerously close to throwing a hifiman ef2 on my credit card to match! Thank you to the forum for the info to make my decisions and the people who responds to my questions! Goodnight!
Quote: Originally Posted by stokitw Given your source and budget, I would suggest Shure SRH840 (I haven't try lower SRH440 though.). My Cowon D2 can power it without any trouble. At least you shouldn't feel the need of the amp for a while. Thank you everyone for the input Stokitw after your suggestion I dug through the forum for more info on the Shure's and decided they will be a good choice to start off with, they'll be here in 3-5...
Hmm. DT250's are stretching it but I'll do some searching. found DT770's for $150. haven't read much about them though.
Wanted the AKG's for about six months but I read either really bad things about them or really good. Haven't heard too much bad about the AT's although nothing amazing either. Leaning to the AT's right now just because of the nothing bad. No responses yet I think I'll get the AT's if no responses by 8pm.
I'm sure the what should I buy questions get old and I really hate asking it but I'm buying the first components of my first set up right now. After months and months of lurking here I have my amazon and ebay tabs up and my debit card ready! Long story long I'm buying blind and haven't listened to any of the options I've chosen but my eight year old Sony MDR-V300 headphones died and I can't stand the sounds of the GF's reality TV shows so I'm forced to take action...
Thanks for the replies. I just found out that I might be out of town on the 8th but if not I'll definitely be there!
I believe the OP stated that he doesn't edit his photos and is very happy with the results of the JPG's out of his camera. That tells me that he is fine shooting with JPG. RAW's benefits are in the leeway you get when doing major post processing (dramatic color changes and pixel manipulation). If your just going to crop and re-size then you don't need RAW and shooting in it is only filling up your card and hard drive with extra files you need to sort. Trust me your not...
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