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Looking for a mint and complete Focal Elear in Europe or the UK. PM me if you have one please. Partial trades also possible with a D7100 for example. I pay the surplus of course. ;)
I'm intersted but you're probably in the US?
 I'm sure there is: the LA-900.
 LoL.Try living in Europe and pay heaps more for just about anything compared to just about anywhere in the world.Luxman for example? 3 times the price of Japan, 2 times the price of the US.Dodge RAM full option? 70 to 75000 USD.
Are there any phones that are recommended for the A16? Do some phones perform better than others with it? Like a HD800 for example which has a very wide soundsatge. Or would phones like the TH-900 that have better bass perform just as well?   Or in other words, how does one pick a pair of phones for surround applications?
EC amps and dynamic cans, just my taste. I really need to find a place to try the Utopia.Have you both been able to try the Pioneer M1 and how does it fare against the Utopia?I never heard the Utopia but the M1 on my ZDS with a 6SU7GTY is pretty high-end to me.
  And the other two systems are?
 Ah, ok. Great info, many thanks for that.I was actually discarding the P9 because I see it more as a portable headphone and since I'm an Apple user a portable headphone with no lightning cable would be silly after Apple's latest stunt. So I was torn between the EL-8C or waiting for something else to come along or going wireless. But having owned a P7 before that I found to have a better SQ than it's price indicated the P9 with lightning is a valid option again. How is the...
 Ah, a free upgrade thus, nice. Where did you find that info?
 I have been interested in the P7 wireless for some time to use with iPhone/iPad/Mac and especially aTV.May I ask if you have tried or are would have the opportunity to try the P7 with an aTV?It should support MFi for it to work well with aTV but I can't find any info on the web that the P7 does so.    Is that a lightning cable with built in Dac like Audeze has you are referring to? Any more info on that?Would it also work with the P7 wireless?
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