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  Hmm, weird. I asked because someone in a for sale post said the same as you, saying it's the 42 steps attenuator.Strangly their webite claims the stock volume control is an Alps RK27 potentiometer.Have they switched to pots now?
Is the standard volume control a potentiometer or stepped attenuator?   No original invoice???
I'd like to ask two questions about this amp.   - Is the satandard volume control a potentiometer or stepped attenator? - what are the differences in sound between the V200, V220, V280, V281? I read there is a difference in warmth?       EDIT: A third question actually. Did anyone have a chance to compare this to the Sony TA-ZH1ES?
 You'll want closed in order not to wake your wife. Closed might give you some more bass impact as well.I'll be using my Sony MDR-Z1R with the Realiser but I'll giove my LA-900 a try as well.Both have a nice wide soundstage for closed phones as well. Both are bass monsters.I'll be trying myPioneer SE-Master 1 as well as that will give me even wider soundstage with plenty of bass (although a bit less than the other two).A HD800 will give you the widest soundstage but you...
Does anyone know if the TA-ZH1ES gets recognized as 768PCM/512DSD under Windows players like Roon or ohters? Or in Windows itself? I tried on a Mac but there it was 384PCM/256DSD max.
  The ZDS is the perfect partner for just about any phone I had, it's a magical amp.But due to other interests and way too little use lately I'll be selling it, along with enough tubes to last a lifetime, power tubes, rectifiers and just about any driver tube that matters. I think I haver about 30 tubes in total.I'll need to find some time to put it up for sale though, was going to do that over the weekend but haven't managed to find the time yet. Selling is a drag. ;)
Yep, you can forget about a tablet with an optical drive I guess. Some laptops still have them though but even this one doesn't. ;)   Looks nice I must say. Only have seen the pro yet, not the book.
 I wish I still had the C64 as well, stupid we sell all this stuff and 30 years later crave for it. There were also Tandy and Atari gaming consooles I had. Might buy me a Nintendo Classic Mini out of nostaslgia. ;) About the screen in portrait: thought so! You nearly made me buy a Pro instead of a Book!  Why don't you simply add a Pioneer slim external USB bluray? Should work like a charm.Just like it does with your Hugo and M1 ... my clumsy attempt to get back on topic. ;)
Yep, surely seems like a real interesting laptop/tablet to me and a high quality one at that. And I'm actually after the configuration with 1TB like you wanted, be it in Book or Pro verion. ;) I wouldn't really use it for reading with the keyboard in the normal position but I find it strange it can't be used in portrait mode with the keyboard in the reversed and folded back inwards position. Nothing you can do with the keyboard then anyway and it would trriple battery...
 Fully agree with your opnions on the M1 and Z1R: high-end vs fun. For me that will relate to two channel music vs multichannel games and movies for the most part, not that I won't try them the other way around once in a while or not that I don't find the Z1R not good enough for music. When I need closed to avoid sound leakage it will be a pleasure to use the Z1R, or the LA-900 for that matter.I have a totally different view on the TH-900, or rather LA-900 in my case which...
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