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Sorry, Aiwa is 2x45w Sinus measure, 2X65W music measure. A beauty in the dark, should make some nice pics sometime. I have 2 of these babys by the way.   Some pics.Check those big caps in a 40W amp. This is their top model of that era by the way.      
 Where do you find the HP output power Rob? Or did you measure it?
 I'll never let you anywhere near my receivers man. No wonder you got kicked in the sack if you get of on people's receivers.  No, seriously. I get off on that thread and my receivers too. ;) There's no need to connect most, if any of your phones to the taps of a vintage receiver. Skylab has an SX-1980 that puts out 28W through the phones output. You could try it with your HEK but I'd advise to be careful. Those top vintage Pioneers Like Skylabs SX-190 (275W) and my...
 I'd say minimum warm up time half an hour. Should be fine after that but if you're really picky take an hour.I promise you by then the MIG-25 tubes will have comfortably warmed up your room unless you live on Mt. Everest, about the altitude they were meant to be used at.DO NOT touch the big tubes. Other tubes hurt as well but those leave a burn mark for the rest of your life. I don't have one but Mr. Craig himself has one on his hand.
   @Amish Through the speaker taps as well? The LCD2 isn't that hard to drive if I remember well.
 Much of it comes down to preferences Tim. I had the same GS-X Tim had and while I must say this is a real quality amp that's very capable I found it too clean for my taste bordering on sharp, for my ears that is.Indeed, I am a huge fan of the Zana, be it the SE or the S. Never had the original. It bests all the amps I had or have heard of which some even twice the price.I got the Black Widow for a couple of weeks now but only listened to it for about an hour yet and only...
  But 2 x 3 pins is infinitely better than 1 x 4 pins. Don't you read the forums????? 
 Well, if I answer that it'd also give a hint of those which I found bad. I'm not here to make bad publicity.Feel free to shoot me a PM and I'll try to answer it in the next half hour. I'm off work for the holidays but also in some other buy and sell online chat on a secand hand forum. not headphone related.
 Over 300€ if remember correctly from asking when I placed my order.I didn't buy it because I never heard a difference between balanced and singel ended anyway, not even by comparing 2 identical headphones on a single GS-X MkII using both inputs and switching and mixing around.but YMMV.If I would want a balanced cable I'd pay the extra 30 or 40% for an aftermarket one I guess. From a decent brand, not the "We make super space age cables because we have a 90% margin on...
 Himself I guess. Anybody that doesn't hear like him has special hearing.Weird if you ask me since about all the headphones he has either you or me have or had.Puzzles my simple mind. 
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