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  Good to know, Thanks Liu. I kindof hope they're a hype as I'm pretty satisfied with my setup as is. ;)Weird they do all these loaner programs in the US and none in Europe, it's a French company and practically in my backyard. You're truly spoiled in the US!Anyway, will be nice to hear an objective opinion. For now I heard someone claiming they're not all that strong in the bass region and then someone else claims the opposite.And since you have the same amp as many in...
 When you post your opinion will you let us know in this thread as well?I avoid the Focal threads as it 'll porbably be very busy there and give me 50 emails a day.
 Thanks for your impressions Liu, will need to try them as well, I have two of them lying around here but didn't listen yet.  Looking forward to hear your imperessions of the Utopia with the Zana.I wonder how they will compare to the HD800, last I read the Utopia was a bit light in the bass region.I'm going to write HiFloung in the UK and see if they're not willing to send me a pair of Elear. Or Utopia.I really can't buy these blind and I'm not really up for a three day...
 Any Focal loaner programs going on in Europe?They're located in France so I wonder why loaner programs only happen in the US, not only for Focal but any other brand as well.I wouldn't mind to give the Focals a decent listen at home rather than a quick check in a store and put them through their paces on the Zana or BW as well.
 Thanks, will see if I can find some under the other two brands. Last time I checked I didn't find much for Mullard.
Does anyone have any nice Mullard ECC35 tube lying around they want to get rid of or know where to source decent ones? Any tips on buying ECC35? I'm not very familiar with that tube.
  Congrats!Among the best cans I heard.
Ugh, piano black, even a less wooden look than the original.What's next, carbon crap?
Apart from me not being able to read the wattage on the fuse ... nope.
Has anyone replaced their fuse yet?
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