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 Then they ripped you off. MBP adapters are 100-240V and can be used anywhere in the world either with changing the plug by means of an Apple Travel Adapter Kit or simply using a travel plug converter.
 The one that doesn't work in my 240V wall sockets. ;)
This one has been relisted a few times if I remeber it right.And it's the dreaded 120V version.
Thanks! Yup, just need to find the right ones for me. The Revels seem like a great option but they can use a lot of juice and I prefer not to resort to switching amps even though Classe and Marantz makes them now.
 Probably not the latest model. Performa3 F208 is 5k€ here in Europe.Have mailed the distributor for a shop where I can audition them.
 I have no problem going second hand but do want some recent speakers.Not sure if a $10k speaker pair that sells for $5k would be better though, price alone isn't a good indication.Have you heard the Revels?
Meanwhile, a speaker question.   Does anyone know the Revel Performa3 Series F208?   Have been recommended those by one of our nice head-fiers, they fit the bill and look gorgeous (in glossy walnut) to me as well. Browsed through some very nice reviews of these. I know they're not vintage but thought I might toss it up here anyway. Will be used with Marantz PM-11 S3 as well as SX-1250. Needs to play hardrock with punch, vocal jazz with soul and classical with...
The internals of my SX-1250. Might post a few more pics in a month or so when I have everything temporareily set-up. Going to have an MDF rack made for now so I can put all that gear somewhere. Full renovation of my home office next year. Oh I already dread it!    
 Before you pull up that chair though, new members bring a few bottles of fine 28 year (minimum) old single malt and a box of Cohiba Siglo VI to the table.      Yep, they become nice and smooth. And yes, they're great with vocals not only female, try Neil Diamond's Hot August Night album for example. But unlike the W3000ANVs who are awosome with vocals as well the M1 is great with just about anything you throw at it: classical, Hardrock, you name it.Haven't tried EDM...
 Sweet, sweet, sweet!
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