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 I read this a lot of times but really can't figure out how you guys can have problems with these rings/pads attachment.I just received my new Lawton (Marbled African Ebony) and had to attach the pads. Took me less than half a minute for both sides together.Place them right, push hard on the pads, give a litlle twits till they click into place and turn the leather until it's in position (seam on the front hing pin).  Same here, maybe a little before burn in on a stock pair...
 Well there are the pads, simple enough, the cups, four screws and the dampening mods, 4 self adhesive strips that even you can find out where to place them without a pic. There is a whole guide on the website though and you get instructions mailed to you as well, but they sound more complicated than it is and once you've done them you can do them over again without any instructions.Ok, there is the cable that needs to be soldered but how hard is it to solder 2 wires to a...
1) How are you guys going to do a blind a/b with modded headphones (Lawton/Zolkis) that have different ear pads? You can simply feel what phone is on your head so there's no "blind" possibility.   2) Why would you send your phones to Lawton to mod them and wait weeks (yes weeks, not days) to get em back when you can just order them and do them yourselves? They're so easy a monkey can do them. Or a Homo Erectus. Really folks, if you're smart enough to describe the sonic...
 My guess is these Pandora's are BS from all I read about them but I'll get a chance to hear both side by side beginning of August.High hopes for the Pioneer though, I'm looking for a dedeicated classical HP.
 Sama answer as the previous posters.Good with all kinds of music, excellent with most.For older and lesser recorded (hard)rock I occasionally go to the HD650.For Baroque and violins I am still searching for a new phone.But still, the TH-900 does well with both these genres but better with others.
 Thanks for the info!
When will these actually be available in Europe? Or will it be Japan only?
Yep, comparisons with the TH900, HD800, AKG and planars would interest me as well.   But most of all, how is it with classical music? Or which cans do you like better for classical?
 Yep, pretty good and underrated phones and worth much more that the price one can get for them IMO.I do use them with a silver cable that makes a lot of difference though, but the cable costs twice as much as the phones.
 Keep the Senns as well, you won't get all that much for them and you might regret it. They rock with older rock. 
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