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Thanks! I'm gonna try one of the Japanese eBay vendors then, they're simply half of the price there. The distributor here asks 1645€ for a HP-A8c. And that's straight from the distributor, no dealer even involved.
  A bit confused here. On the pic I see no cable plugged into any of the three voltage headers.Or have you simply pulled it out of the way to take the picture?
I am looking for an original D7100 cable, the one with the big 6.3mm jack. I would like to shorten that cable and put a high quality 3.5mm jack on it. I do have the original cable with 3.5mm jack but that one has a crappy volume control which I don't want. Can anyone help me out here or make such a cable for me?
Yep, works fine. I have it set to run when the computer starts up. When I launch iTunes it does its job, automatically switches sample rates. SQ is just as good as any of the other apps if you ask me.
  I would already be happy if iTunes would play as it should, meaning it would change sample automatically. Luckily there's BitPerfect that does that very unobtrusively.
Thanks for the Wiki article Currwong, saved to DevonThink! I'll see if I can find some of my SACD's as a DSD download. Still, I might have to find a way to rip some I can't find.   But the article raised another question for me: Can iTunes handle the DSD format and send it unchanged to the Dac via USB? Or what player on a Mac can? Or should the Dac read the file directly from the HDD?
The NA-11S1 is out, finally. Info in this LINK.   Things of note: DSD via USB. 192/24 async. ALAC support via network ... finally a Dac tha has this! Spotify. Discrete headphone amp and as I read somewhere it uses Marantz HDAM modules, also used in their amps and CD players. Now I'm not making any predicitons about this Dac being good as headphone amp, I tried many Marantz players for that purpose and a dedicated amp will surely be better. But one never...
  I must say that even though most of the Lamy pens are pretty inexpensive compared to MB for example (I have a Safari and Accent), the nibs are actually of pretty good quality and smooth to write with. Pleasant surprise and nice if you want a bunch of pens for different inks.
I'm moving to Canada. Saves me 30 to 150% on taxes. I'd be happy there even if I lived in a camper. 
No retina here, but I know what you mean. Try setting it to horizontal or vertical, go out of prefs and then get back in and set it to rotate again. That did the trick for me.
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