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 The Sophias are all new. You have three quality grades though. I wouldn't atke a chance to skimp on a bit of money and get the best grade, your ZDS is certainly worth it.
 That's not a little slice, that's a big chunk! Looks awesome! :)
 Oh there is gain for sure, but only on the outputs from your source so the inputs of your amp. About 2x the gain.
 Nope. Neither is there on most amps (speaker or headphone) that have balanced inputs as well. (Best example is the Rotel RB-1590 which I have heard in balanced and unbalanced mode compared to my Marantz PM-11 with the same speakers.) The Rotel is far from balanced, it doesn't even have discrete separate channels. The Rotel has a lot more power and control but the Marantz simply sounds a lot more smooth and musical, just right.What is more, and I will get my butt kicked by...
  There are people in this thread who highly regard those and I've been in PM with.I never owned one as it's US voltage only and I hate step-up transformers. But if I'd live in the US I'd buy one if I got the chance, if the price is reasonable of course.Here in Europe the prices for a good sample of decent vintage gear are never reasonable though.
   What price? If it's low enough don't think about it, buy it. Get it fixed later. Like it all you want or sell it for a high price.
 Check the threads on tube rolling for the ZD. Common names that turn up there are TS 6SU7GTY (PM me (only) if you can't find them, I'm prepared to expand my stock of 4 with a joined order), brand new Sophia 6SL7 (might as well get an order for a couple in right now) and Mullard/Philips ECC35 (hope you can still find one of those babies). One other oftened mentioned is the Brimar CV1985 (if I have it right, not really a fan of the "tad too warm British tubes").
 Congrats! You have no idea what you're in for mate, be prepared to be amazed so you don't drop off you chair!  
Damn, I really love the look of the 3900 and D7000, even if they are from a little later age than the 50 and 80 series. Those first fluorescent displays are realy attractive.
Damn, CONUS only.
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