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What are actually the colors available for the GS-X ?
hmm, I find the red more classy. or maybe brown or yellow ...
I did, but here there's about 35% total import cost on both the phones and shipping cost. And just like you, I don't like cheating with the invoice as well, it's best to ship goods like that fully insured. I need to move to the States. 
Pfff, USA again.  
  Kidding mate ... No, that's what I have been thinking all the time, a line out, as it's described on the back of the amp is usually pre-amped, so all settings apply. In case of the ZD that would be volume and gain (the hi/lo knob). When it's not pre-amped it's usually called loop-out or pass-through. That simply passes the signal through and in some amps it does that even when not powered on, in others the power needs to be on. Anyway, I thank you for clearing it up for...
Seems I was half brain-dead this morning as well. I forgot to ask, those line-outs do pass the sound through even when the amp is turned off as well?
 Hehe!  :) Great, thanks! Broadens my options.  
Yes it would if the output is not volume controlled by the ZD. Else it's preamp output.Is that so?
Review samples or final production models?
I've had a Zana a few years back but have a question since I don't remember.   Are both the outputs preamp outputs or is there a loop out as well?
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