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For the the prices mentioned here I would want a 3 piece system. Phones, dac, amp. Heck, an Yggy, Studio and HE1000 would set you back $15k instead of 40 and that's with tubes included.
To me this whole idea sounds worse than a gold apple watch. At least that watch does all the same as the cheaper ones. 
 LoL. Indeed, I never thought of stacking my Zana. But there it has another reason than distortion alone I think. That baby gets to damn near nuclear temperatures so it would probably melt the power supply underneath. Should have put a 10 kilowatt heater element in the PS of the GS-X, that'd keep 'em from stacking! 
 I have no information from anyone about that, nor did I see much posts indicating so I believe.Sonically, although I had a very low serial number in conjunction with 3 very high serial numbers I couldn't compare them as stock since at anytime I only had one of them in stock configuration. Also, the low serial number was fully burned in when I got them, the highs were brand new. I can tell you about one difference though. When you look between the wooden cups and the black...
 That's actually the black/gold bling version. Probably a little less stealthy than the all black version. ;)
Does anyone know where/when/how to get these babies? Sennheiser HD800 70th Anneversiray Edition in black/gold or all black?  
Not sure where all this naming will end but I get a feeling it won't be pretty. 
 There are mulitiple Judes?  Kidding ... I would heave loved to meet the people behind Head-Fi, fellow Head-Fiers, fellow countrymen Head-Fiers and representatves of some of this fine gear. 
hmmm, higly modded one it seems,big panzerholz case, two tonearms ....nice!
 Not yuck at all, rather gorgeous I might add. What record player is that? I don't think marble goes well with audio gear.I remember the B&W 2-way floorstanding Signature speakers with eaither black or white marble tweeters, not to my liking as well and they weren't that good.http://blog.bowers-wilkins.com/sound-lab/why-sir-kenneth-grange-choose-marble-for-the-iconic-signature-diamond-tweeters/ Same with the Ether C if I may be honest. Special and flashy in carbon but...
New Posts  All Forums: