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This is for a friend who uses her ipod buds at the moment but she says they hurt her ears so she would like something more comfortable... she's not really a sound quality nut (she was interested in the lady gaga 'phones!), just wants some pretty good in-ears for her ipod... listens to stuff like michael jackson and happy hardcore and likes bass... any help would be great! I'm sure she'd prefer to spend within £20 though and be just as happy.
Quote: Originally Posted by sdotfire OK, I just jumped the gun WAY too early on these IEM's. After a full night of burn in they sound incredible on my computer, with a little EQing they are just unreal. Seemingly, able to handle everything I can through at them. Now, I just need to get them to be able to sound this way on the go. Seriously, I love them on my computer, they are unreal, but on my iPhone they are just good but not incredible. So should I...
I eq my ie8's on my Cowon s9. Less intrusive bass and the veil is removed. My new eq is in my sig if you happen to have an s9.
Mine arrived the other day from howtorich2003 and I didn't really like them with my IE8. Just made the dark sound even darker... back to stock tips.
I'm in a similar boat to the OP. I like the RE2 sound and don't like my IE8 as much as I thought... what I like about the RE2 are the smooth mids and clean neutral sound.
My replacement re2 arrived yesterday after being a few months without them. For 2 months I've been using just my ie8 and thought the sound sig was really good: natural sound, great soundstage etc. Then when I got my new replacement re2, the sound actually surprised me - in a good way. Coming from the ie8 back to the re2, I've realised I'm not really the basshead that I though I was. The lack of bass on the re2 was actually quite a joy to my ears, it's not exactly great in...
Hmm.. you have a point. Didn't think of that.
Went to look for some hydrogen peroxidize for the 'phones earwax problem, no luck. Tried 3 different pharmacy's. Only one had a 6% solution, said they don't do 3% any more so I thought I'd better not chance it, might corrode the metal. :S
I think my ie8 burned in more last night. The soundstage just became huge! Instruments were very well defined with great clarity, more-so than I remember before. I think I'm about 225hrs in and that's quite a wild guess. Maybe the earwax didn't affect my ie8 bad after-all...
well the ones from the ebay seller you linked to have the exact same picture as the ones i linked to. probably the same seller under a different name...
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