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I think I'll go with the Yamaha EPH-100. For rock, isolation and build quality, I couldn't find a better quality / price ratio. Do you agree, or would you have any better recommendation before I make my purchase ?
I've been advsied by many to take ony one pair of earphones, in the higher end model.   Since rock is my favorite music, I've been told to buy the Westone UM3-x that many consider to be the best rock in-ear available. Do you agree with that assessment in the $300-$350 price range ?
What would be a great rock earphones, with a V signature, around $120 ?   Also, what would be the best earphones with a neutral signature for classical music, around $120 ?   I'd like to get two pairs of earphones, and I want to make sure I get the best combo. Isolation and build quality are must-have.
Here are the prices I was able to find for the different earphones advised for my case :   Earsonic SM2 v2 : 279 euros Etymotic ER-4P : 247 euros Fischer Audio DBA-02 MkII : 158 euros Yamaha EPH-100 : 129 euros Brainwavz B2 : 87 euros Etymotic HF5 : 79 euros Klipsch Image S4 : 57 euros Brainwavz M4 : 55 euros Philips SHE3580 : 21 euros I couldn't find the FXT90 and Vsonic GR07 or GR06.     In the end, I think I'll go with the HF5 for rock (great...
Between the DBA-02 and the B2, is there one better than the other ? Also, do they have good build quality ? I saw the promo, $109 instead of $169, that could be a great time to buy them.   If I go into the higher category, would the earsonic SM2 v2 be the best choice for the music I listen to ?  
How would you classify Muse, Placebo, Oasis, Franz Ferdinand and Queen in the various rock categories ?   Also, why do you say the BA and DBA-02 are the same ? Do they use the same technology, what are the differences between the two ? I also thought the B2 would lack bass for my rock tasting ?  
How about a combo of Philips SHE3580 low-end reference), Klipsch Image S4 (good value, but are they fragile ?), and Vsonic GR07 as the main earphones ? Other combo : two earphones around $100, Etymotic HF5 for rock and great isolation in the public transportation,  Brainwavz B2 for classical music at home or at the office...   Both combo would cost around €200 and give me different options and backup. Would you have any recommendation like that ?   I'm kinda...
Though various forums, here are the earphones I've been advised to take. My criteria are build quality, comfort, isolation and appropriate for rock music.   I think I'll take a pair in the $100-$200 price range, and a cheap pair (< 50$) as a backup. Which combo would you advise me to take from that list :     MAIN EARPHONES Etymotic ER-4P (250€) Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 Yamaha EPH-100 JVC HA-FXT90 - Brainwavz B2 Fischer Audio DBA-02 Etymotic HF5 Phonak...
I really need your help, I've spent 2 days reading threads all over head-fi, and I am completely lost.   Ideally, I want : - great build quality - great isolation - confortable earphones - good bass - that can be used for rock and classical music - around $100   Can you please give me your opinion, the ljokerl thread with his 230+ references is making me cry :'(
Hello,   After hours of reading these forums, I think the Yamaha EPH-100 could be a great fit for my needs. However, I'd like to know what are your opinions on the cable build quality ?   Many IEM I owned in the past died one way or another (loss of sound on one year, naked cable near the jack plug, ...).   If the build quality is great, then I think those earphones will be mine :p  
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