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I enjoyed "Pool" once it got going!
My problem is my inability to describe what it is I mean. I prefer it when I hear the music as if it coming from around me and not inside my head. I am not making that makes SQ better as a matter of fact. It is just something I like. A format which allows some adjustment to suit personal taste would be great.   Another way to try and describe what I mean is from the 360 degree videos that are appearing. So if you are say watching a motorcycle, you can chose to look...
Here is a track I use to show people they have possibly heard post/math rock without knowing  
I am not saying it is not used, or asking it be used to an extreme, just that I think more use could be made of it so the soundstage is bigger than it is now.   Or, somehow, the user can alter it to suit, like bass and treble can be altered.
All I am looking for are improvements in SQ and until something radical happens with speakers, I do not think it will happen.   There is one area which could already make a difference, but it is not being used much, are the effects which expand where the music sounds like it is coming from. This is a recording of a motorcycle and the way the sound moves around as the bike does is amazing.     Recording bands with speakers that mean the sound stage is wider and a few...
I think and hope streaming is my last format, having been through vinyl, cassettes, CDs and downloading from iTunes. The blind tests show that above 320kbpm the SQ is fine.
Been going to lots of gigs, most recently Three Trapped Tigers, precision played math rock electronica with one of the best drummers I have ever heard, Adam Betts    
Gojira, in particular the album Magma. Got a ticket to see them next year. Low Lands has a wonderful almost out of time drum beat and atmospheric vocals.  
Spotify Premium - Toshiba Satellite - Firestone Fubar and Supplier DAC - MF X-CANV8P - various headphones, usually AKG K271MkII.   That set up has not changed in about four years (except a replacement laptop).
The Gadget Show (Channel 5 UK) Series 24, Episode 6, turntables.   https://www.my5.tv/the-gadget-show/season-24/episode-6   Presenter Jon Bentley is joined by Radio 1 DJ, Adele Roberts as the do a blind listening test to three turntables from Pro-ject (low price) Clearaudio (medium) and Linn (high). Both can tell which is which in terms of sound quality and they agree the Clearaudio (it is a £1000 turntable) is the best buy, the much more expensive Linn is not...
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