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El Ten Eleven came to Scotland and on a Wed evening me and about 50 others saw a brilliant show.
Various links repaired and a tidy of the OP. Glad to see this is still continuing. Thanks.
Three more tests added to the OP.   Still waiting for a positive ABX test of cables, still finding speakers make the biggest difference.
  It is in another thread, I cannot remember which one, that there is evidence which shows there is some burn in with speakers, but leave them for a while and they return to their original state. So they only stay burned if if used regularly.
  That is the reason why some cables appear to do a better job than others when it comes to subjective sound and picture quality. Objectively, there is no difference from one functioning cable to another.
Just touching base. One link, StereoNet no longer goes to the original test and I cannot find it. The rest appear OK.
More added to the OP. I do keep hunting and adding as I find tests.
  Sorry, but that is a comparison of measurements, not SQ.
  Not with blind testing, no.
  My understanding so far from a limited number of ABX tests is that between 320 and above a comparison between bit rates is harder than between 320 and below.
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