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Decided to try Volumio (Free) on a Cubox ($150) with my Music Streamer II Can be controlled via basically anything else on the LAN. I am quasi comfortable with Linux so... worth a shot anyway.
My home theater room has a PC w/Music Streamer II -> Headroom Little -> few different sets of cans (Senn 580, Grado SR325 among others). Everything is under a little end table to the right of the recliner. Complaints with this setup: 1. PC is aging and takes a while to boot 2. PC has a little fan noise 3. UI is a wireless keyboard to a 55" screen (clunky + overkill) I have great wifi and can run Cat5e discreetly if needed. My (FLAC + MP3) archives are available on a...
I just upgraded from an iPod Touch 5 Classic (CF mod + Rockbox) + Rock IT R-50 as my main portable rig to the DX90 + Senn IE 80s. WOW!!! HUGE UPGRADE!!! I have Senn HD 580s and Grado SR325s and a couple nice home desktop DACs/amps but had no idea it would be this much of a jump for my portable rig. Portable is 80% of my listening now so this is a major major deal for me. Plugging the IE80s in to the iPod or even the iPod + Go-Vibe sounds so muffled now!
Same as the amp I bought less than 1 month ago here:   Its fine.  I just find the sound too clean.  I like my stuff a little warmer.  And I thought I was going to use it for two different sources but my logistics changed.   I paid $200.  Yours for $180 paypaled and shipped USPS priority.
I went on a little kick and bought 5 different IEMs over the last few weeks.  These just aren't to my liking.  They are fitted with Comply TX 400s.  Essentially new condition.  Will send via USPS priority mail envelope.
I have had mine for about a week.  Also just rockboxed a clip+ for the first time in that week.  The R50 sound a lot fuller with the Future Sounds foamies recommended earlier but still don't pair as well with the clip+ as my Hippo VBs.  My iPod video on the other hand (also rockboxed), they sound perfect with and the Hippos sound a little too bassy on the low end/not clear enough in the upper mid range.  The R-50 are going to be married to my iPod and my Hippos are going...
looks like about 3mm to 3.5 - depends on where I measure it.  There is a little retention band about 2/3 of the way up the post where it is a little fatter.
Yep.  No listing.  There is no diameter info on the site or the packaging.  
Hey gang,   I essentially always need foam tips for IEMs... I have big honkin ears and I need something that expands to keep them in place/get a good seal.   Can anyone link me to or give me good search terms for tracking down foam tips that will work with these?  I really like Comply products with the little wax screen built in (a la TX-400).  Thanks!
dibs if still around
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