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SOLD Like new condition. I can take pictures and email them to you. Still unclear how to post pictures here. I have had them for 1.5 years and they have about 80 hours on them. They come with outer box, 1/8 to 1/4 adapter, and leather case. Feel free to check my feedback. Paypal only please. SOLD Buyer covers shipping.
DT 880 as well.
I just upgraded my NE-6 headphones which I thought were quite good for the money. I bought the NE-700x after many favourable reviews. I am very happy with the result. They have more definition in the higher frequencies, and have nice bass as well. Mostly I was impressed how the sound stage opened up compared to the NE-6. I can actually enjoy classical music with my earphones for the first time. It got me thinking. If the 700x are one of the best under $100, what...
Has anyone tried this amp with 600 ohm Beyers?
Lookin' forward to this one. Sell it already...
I only had them for a year or less, and never had a problem with them.
Yeah... the sound quality of many of the NC phones I have heard does not justify the price tag. I would consider them for plane travel, if they were considerably cheaper. A good pair of IEMs for a fraction of the price do their job better, and sound great. I happen to like the monster beats Turbines for around $100. They sound better than $300 NC phones that I have heard.
It can sometimes be hard to sell something that you have enjoyed inthe past, even if you don't use it anymore...but it is a good idea though.
I have a PS3 60 gig that I use as a Bluray player. Like it a lot.
I always though Microsoft was the epitome of arrogance.  
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