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The M3 are really nice, they sound amazing spatialy (completely  3 dimensional!)  bass is punchy but not overbloated, very clean detailed sound.  They are my go to in ears~
Bass is bad, Isolation is bad, Comfort is bad, Overall sound signature is abysmal.  I bought them believing they would be decent portable headphones but they  were not~  Even at home in a quiet environment they still sounded meh.  The sound was coherent, but weak.  It did not sound like a muffled mess of bass like some beats and fanny wangs but it still wasn't good.  A similar headphone that is fairly tiny and portable is the MDR-v6 (or the 7000 model variant), its...
I got my M3's when they were first released, and put them through alot of  wear and tear.  They survived alot of abuse, but they survived THIS far before crumbling in my bag.  The suckers are pretty darn resilient.   I am going to buy another pair, seriously these little ear phones don't make me miss my more powerful system.  Their clarity is excellent, bass is extremely punchy(not muddy and dull like dedicated bass phones).  Sound stage is preserved very well,...
My ranking in SQ   1. Bifrost, perfect dac imo.  It doesnt add, doesn't subtract.  Its not sibilant, its not anything bad. 2. NFB-2 - Basically the bifrost, but warmer cutting off some higher registers.  3. Compass 2  -  In the sabre config it is slightly sibilant.  Pairs well with my LCD-2 but has trouble with my less warm headphones.   But the Compass 2 still sounds good, and has utility,  Its a damn powerful headphone amp, has a robust USB input and...
mmm, I might swap to the WM chip I remember it having a more pleasant sound.
No popping, no distortion, perhaps the unit clicks when locking in a new sample rate but I never noticed it with headphones on nor do I have a huge selection of music with varying sample rates.   The unit handles both of my headphones like a champ, but it pairs better with a warmer headphone like the LCD-2. 
might sound stupid but on the phoebus sound card, how do I properly set up Dolby HTv4 to always output the best surround mix.  Its confusing, with little visuals as to if its working properly and even less documentation.
Shipped $160 unless overseas.  Comes with control unit of course.   Great card, not much support. 
Upgraded my closed phones(Ultrasone sig DJ and 770pro 32 Limited Ed)~ selling my prior darlings.  I have used these for a long time, they sound great.  Pictures upcoming~   I will also be willing to sell a pair of J$ Leather pads for an additional $40.  Shipping included in price.
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