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T boned in a brand new loaner car last night, need $$$ fast, offers being accepted via PM Thanks, Drew
BUMP it real good!
long lost post bump  Still available, $40 shipped US48
Many states only allow speakers of any sort in a helmet for communications purposes. I've known a few people who have been cited for this, but it is rare
BUMP!!!!   $40 shipped
MS1000i and 3 buck Chuck in a Waterford crystal glass
$40 shipped
For sale is a hardly used, well treated BioscienceGeek built CMOY in a nice plastic Hammond case. I had asked when it was built for an upgraded Alps pot and nicer knob. Pretty sure it set me back around $80 back around 2010. Single 9v power, very good battery life.   $40 shipped con US only trades considered would be good vinyl or a few sizes of tubes, otherwise PayPal is king.   PM with questions or offers.   Thanks, Drew
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