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I believe it is the main branch of the Fairfax Library.
If its a Sunday, I would definetly come. The Library that was used the last few times is a nice venue and easy to get to for me.   Drew
Just remember amps are like shoes, last one on, first one off
Who cares how old it is, revive!!!   Tricky- Maxinquay
Clinton Fearon- Mr. Want All
Well, I got a brand new set of PRO 900s today directly from Ultrasone. $329 for brand new phones? Definetly worth the wait and the hassles.   Drew
I bought some manufacturer refurbished Ultrasone PRO900 about 3 weeks ago and they were DOA when I got them. The seller was a legit Ultrasone dealer and they got me an RMA for them. I shipped mine back to Ultrasone and I am awaiting a replacement pair, which I believe will be brand new. I should be receiving my replacement tomorrow and I will let you all know how it works out. Drew
Ultrasone PRO 900
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