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Thanks for the explanation but I'm in the camp that believes watts are watts. Sure, you can have different, maybe better capacitors or other parts, but price doesn't indicate that nor do watts per channel. 
 I've never found a WPC output for the EF5 but the output in volts is 15 at 32 ohms. I have no idea what "scales" means in this context. Care to elaborate?
And contrary to popular opinion, they don't need megawatts of power to sound good. I used a pair with the HiFiMan EF-5 amp and they sounded great. The amp wouldn't drive them to ear splitting SPLs but they got plenty loud enough for me.
 That's an excellent description. I've often said I prefer bass I can hear vs bass I can feel and the HE500s provide that in spades.
HE500 for home, DT1350 for travel, and Westone 3 for the in-ear times. Plenty for me.
Can you explain what that means? Are the electrons moving faster? Is the membrane vibrating speedier to the point of a human being able to discern that? What exactly does that mean, "...can come off a bit quicker on the bottom end" mean? Thanks.
Do you have any issues with feedback through the turntable with those speakers that close to the turntable?
Much, if not all of the "this is better than that" is based on the price. The fallacy that something more expensive must be better is rampant, especially in the audio world. After listening to the T1s for a few days, I wouldn't have anything to do with them and they were a lot more expensive than the 500s at the time (maybe still are). I think the most important thing you can do is look at professional reviews, look at professional measurements, and if at all possible,...
Congrats. One of my biggest audio regrets is buying a Toshiba cd player instead of one of those or similar, when I left Okinawa in 1985. The cd technology was quite new and I was torn between the 2 formats and went with the cd. Denon had some great looking and great operating turntables during that time. I think you'll be pleased.  
You'll have a hard time convincing a lot of people here of that last statement. Then again, you'd have a hard time convincing some people that cables don't make a difference. "I know what I hear" is a common retort.
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