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I just stumbled onto this thread and there's a lot to read but I too believe, and have stated as much, that a lot of audiophilia is exactly like religion. Objectivists want scientific evidence that something swapped in a system affects the sound. Subjectivists "know what they hear" when something is changed. Religious people have faith that what they believe is true, subjective audiophiles have faith that their new, usually more expensive item that's new to their system...
Not me. I can quit any time I want to.
That's some nice Schiit (and other stuff too). 
The couple of professional reviews and consumer reviews I read said it was lacking in the bass department to some extent. Some of that may be due to the seal, but electrostatics aren't known for their bass anyway. As for the claimed frequency response, numbers can be deceiving and we all hear differently too.   Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they aren't great IEMs, but for that money I can get a pair of Audeze's that do have LFE right out of the box and don't need a...
I'm sure (no pun intended) that these sound wonderful, but I'd no more pay that much for something that isn't "full range" than I would home stereo speakers that had a frequency response of 50Hz - 20kHz and with home speakers I could add a subwoofer. 
If you buy these at the current price and pick up shipping, I'll throw in a pair of older model Shure E3 IEMs. 
 That's a pretty busy watch but I like it, especially the battery power indicator.
Fourth of July sale!
 Some people have the mistaken thought that more power = better sound. 
Price adjustment.
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