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 No.Almost any time you play headphones or speakers louder, people think they sound better which leads them to the erroneous belief that more power = better sound. Every audio show I've been to, starts out the speaker demonstrations playing very loud for that all important first impression. If one is consistently listening to speakers and especially headphones at 100 dBs or higher, you'll almost certainly end up with tinnitus and hearing loss, which is cumulative.
A more accurate warning would be, "Anticables (and any other cable/speaker/amp, etc that recommends burn-in) need at least 100 hours for your hearing to become accustomed to the sound that you think has changed in order for them to sound their best". But that wouldn't sell many cables, now would it?
I use a Peachtree Audio Nova (no longer made but can be found used for decent prices) and I've been very happy with it. I have a more typical setup in my living room but for near field, those 80 watts would be more than enough and the DAC is very good.   Contrary to what audiophiles and audiophools say, it doesn't take tons of watts to adequately drive inefficient speakers unless you're trying to fill a concert hall with sound. In my 16'x14' room, I've never even had the...
Same here.
I'd say it is and happen to know someone who has one for sale. http://www.head-fi.org/t/821093/hifiman-ef5  
Seriously! I'd trade every watch I own or may ever own for one of those. It wouldn't be a fair trade for the GT-R owner, but I'd do it anyway. 
Any "difference" is because people expect to hear a difference. Electricity doesn't care.
Does Akerfeldt sing all the songs as with the last 2 records or is there some cookie monster stuff as previous?
Adjustment to items available. 
A note to the readers here, I'm moving away from headphones and have listed my HE-500s as well as an amp, DAC, and extras if anyone is interested. 
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