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A question for the masses. I'm getting a watch band made from the Europelli guy that costs a little more than the watch it's being made for. Is that a little (or maybe a lot) crazy? The watch itself isn't anything fancy (a Timex Linear Chronograph) but it's unique looking and I was reading about his bands and the leather he uses so I jumped. 
Sansa Clip+. Small. Micro SD slot. Plays .flac and the best part, about $50 instead of hundreds. Also, you can add Rockbox and have even more flexibility. 
Could you point me to the post or posts regarding those measurements? I'm honestly curious to see the differences. 
 I'm with you. I bought an extra pair of pads to do the original Jerg mod and wow what a waste of time and money. Didn't hear an ounce of difference and I was honestly expecting to. Then again, I don't believe different cables or amps make any difference either. 
I can't envision a situation where I'd be willing to pay that much for that, or any other receiver. Would I get almost $10,000 worth of enjoyment out of it? Sure, it would be cool to own one of those, but it would be more the uniqueness than anything else. Speakers don't know if they're getting 100 watts or 300 watts, not to mention how much music you could buy with the thousands of left over dollars after you buy a more reasonable priced amp/receiver.  
Not far off. Final bid, $2,228.07 + $85 for shipping.
I'm guessing the current price won't last long. How much would that typically sell for? 
 You're welcome. After reading your posts, I find that I like Pink Floyd a lot more. 
Anyone here looking for a SPEC System? One listed in the greater Portland area (full disclosure, not mine and I have no idea who this is).   http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/ele/5140491733.html
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