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I was pretty close (I think) to getting a Nakamichi TA-4A receiver that has something called "STASIS" technology which was designed by Nelson Pass (perhaps you've heard of him?) but I didn't get to it in time.  While not in the same vintage vein as most of the stuff here, it would have been a welcome addition to my main system. 
To answer the question, no, because there is no evidence.    If you (generally) notice, burn-in always improves the sound. The law of averages would tell us that sooner or later the sound would get worse, yet it doesn't. 
Interesting. I know a guy who would tell you Maitland was the better drummer because Harrison is too busy, but the guy also likes the earlier PT and isn't a fan of the "metal" era like In Absentia and Deadwing. 
Massdrop has these at $119.99 for 5-6 more days. Heckuva deal. 
 Those are yuuuge. Like, clownishly huge.
I've had a few things in various areas of the For Sale section and so far, all I get are offers bordering on low balls. What gives? The items are similarly priced to other ones or to ones that have sold and I've even included extras, yet no one is willing to even get close to the asking price. I'm not in the market for anything different and don't need the money so ultimately it's no skin off my nose, but it still kind of gets to me. Nice stuff getting very little use that...
Plenty enough to ruin some headphones and hearing.
Price adjustment.
Adjustment to terms of sale.
Depends on how loud you want it to be. Sound quality is not watt dependent.
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