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I would suggest looking up tinnitus on the Mayo Clinic website or other medical site but I can tell you it isn't caused by certain frequencies. It's primarily caused by long term exposure to excessively loud noises. Mine is from too many concerts with no ear protection and working around jet engines in the Air Force. I wore ear protection but they're only good if they stay on, and mine didn't all the time for various reasons.    One thing I learned after finding out I...
 I would echo this. I didn't find the 600 to be "cold" at all. If anything they are on the "warm" side. I found them to be pleasant with the highs being not forward at all.  
That looks like a very nice set-up. I would guess that qualifies as a "near field" listening area.
I own the HE-500s and just spent a few days with the HE-560's and for my money the 500s do just fine. The 560s may, I say may have a slightly better midrange but the highs aren't better and the lows aren't as good to my ears. The 500s seem to have a little more oomph than the 560s at the bottom end. I'd compare that to the LCD-3 but not quite at the same level. Get the HE-500s and spend the money saved on new music or an amp. 
Listed as being from Sweden so English probably isn't his first language.
I would venture a guess, based on years of observing humans and their idiosyncrasies, that the reason tube amps are considered "warm" is simply because the tubes actually get warm (or even hot).  There really is no such thing as warm sound. There is sound that is missing something like some of the higher frequencies or emphasizes the mid-range or bass frequencies. 
Regardless of how much you think something is worth, if you offer half of the listed price you're likely to get an unpleasant response. If that happened with something I had listed, I wouldn't waste my time replying because I would take it as a low ball offer. I guess sometimes those people who do that must get a fantastic deal or they wouldn't continue doing it. 
Audio Karma is the go-to site for info about vintage stuff if you can't find out elsewhere.
Here's what I posted to another guy up the page looking at the exact cable, "It looks like pretty decent cable and I like that they give you options for the connector and colors. With a 99.8% approval rating I'd say gofer it."
 There's no doubt he was quite the stereo guy but for many folks, there's also no doubt that suggestibility or expectation can greatly influence what we hear. 
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