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 I hope so because those giant watches are ridiculous, "hey look at me" things.
Got one of these for Christmas. Yeah, it's a Timex but I liked the look and the uniqueness of it. It's also the biggest watch I own both in diameter and thickness. This is a stock photo, btw.  
According to some (a lot) of folks, more power equates to better sound. I'm not sure why they think that but they do. More power will almost certainly equate to louder and many people think that louder sounds better but I doubt that's the case. 
I'd not be willing to pay that much for a wallet, but if I did I'd choose Racing.
Plus $225 for shipping. I could drive to Sacramento and back for a lot less than that and probably get it faster. Criminy.
 Doing what? Charging an outrageous price for a few dollars worth of equipment or taking advantage of the often erroneous adage, "you get what you pay for"? (Or maybe taking advantage of people who rely on subjective abilities to determine if something is better)? 
Okay, so here's my review of the traveling headphones. I liked them. Thanks.     J/K. Lucky for me I was on a staycation and had lots of free time to listen to music via the HE-560s and did so on several occasions. To avoid a verbose post, I'll go the "Pro/Con" route. And these are obviously my opinions so keep that in mind and read the other reviews if you are seriously considering these.    Pros   1. The sound. I compared these to my HE-500s and they are very...
I would suggest looking up tinnitus on the Mayo Clinic website or other medical site but I can tell you it isn't caused by certain frequencies. It's primarily caused by long term exposure to excessively loud noises. Mine is from too many concerts with no ear protection and working around jet engines in the Air Force. I wore ear protection but they're only good if they stay on, and mine didn't all the time for various reasons.    One thing I learned after finding out I...
 I would echo this. I didn't find the 600 to be "cold" at all. If anything they are on the "warm" side. I found them to be pleasant with the highs being not forward at all.  
That looks like a very nice set-up. I would guess that qualifies as a "near field" listening area.
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