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Rhines announced the Stage 5 on Facebook today!   It's not the announcement I expected because I heard a new model with three drivers at their store not long ago. It's basically a Stage 3 with more sub-bass. The overall sound was much smoother and the soundstage appeared deeper and not so in-your-face. It sounded really, really amazing and I am...
Tom Yum, care to pick me up in Düsseldorf? :D
How about a meet in Roermond this Saturday? I need new shoes. :)
Another meet would be great!
 The human ear is not a machine, meaning heard tones and loudness are not absolute. The human brain always compares in relation. Even IF there is something like burn-in, the likelihood of not noticing it is extremely high, due to your brain adjusting and masking smallest details. This procedure will most likely happen every time but becomes smaller the more often your expectancy becomes closer to what you will perceive. This is HIGHLY subjective and can be anywhere from...
 I'm sorry, I haven't heard the Dunu.
Joker has his review up for both StageDivers and it's nice for me to have his opinion back mine up.   post #12413
 The SD2 is warmer and has some more punch. Both are not very intimate and have a respectful distance to the listener, yet the SD2 has a more romantic presentation when it comes to closeness of voices.So SD2 has some thicker upper bass and lusher voices, which I personally prefer.Whereas the SD2 rolls off smoothly in the highs, the UERM shows more linear presence, but also has a peak that I noticed with the demo unit (could not be apparent with the custom). My observation...
 I mentioned this somewhere in the beginning of the thread, but Rhines had an unofficial demo pair of the Stage 4 that had a different tuning with more linear bass. (But the artwork still said Stage4.)It could be that this is an experiment from the old Compact Monitors era and that they also tuned the Stage 2 flatter and somehow Vision Ears sent out the "unofficial" demo. This is the only logical explanation I can think of right now.
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