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Just sold my 50D + grip and a couple of nice lenses and picked up a 135mm f2 and am going to get an OM-D E-M5 and the new 12-40 f2.8 in December sometime. My 1D Mk III is too good to let go, so I will definitely continue purchasing EF lenses 
Got sick of my Evga x58 classified not booting most of the time and giving me errors indicating no Windows installation and not recognising my SSD and disconnecting my hard drives after a restart etc so this morning I got a new 2011 motherboard and an i7 4820k. WOW. 29c on the lowest core at stock settings (3.7ghz with HT on) under 100% load using Prime95 in a room at 20c. My i7 920 at 4ghz would go to about 53c with HT off and 60c with HT on and I thought that was great....
  It sure is, got if off Fallen Angel (you might be able to make out that name on the faceplate) a little while back and can't wait to try it balanced with the MKVI+ once I get a balanced headphone cable (should be within 3 weeks from now). 
I tried haha. Not very good but will try again some other time. Had the headphones there for a photo with the flash on and it doesn't look very good without the flash but oh well:  
  Yeah Noctua are great fans, I just don't use them in my computer due to the fact I wanted an orange/black colour scheme (also with a hint of purple ). Recently built another computer (will be blue and black scheme) to use with my racing simulator I built last year. What size fans are in the MKVI+? I only looked at the bottom of the amp for a second but it looked like 80mm. Are they 25 or 20 deep? I need to go to pccasegear again sometime soon for some stuff so perhaps...
Just got my MKVI+. Only took 2 days from Hong Kong to Melbourne, Australia. It sure is beautiful 
It's here! My MKVI+ has arrived  Was that quick or what? Both channels read the same. The fans are annoying though. It's not the type of noise I get from computer fans normally, but when a plastic panel on the case is loose and vibrates due to the fans. Will probably get some foam feet or something and replace the fans/use rubber washers or something if that's not too difficult. I don't want to open the amplifier up just yet as I am warming it up right now and will have...
  I was going to, but I wanted some nice connectors and those are getting custom made . I figured it would be a lot quicker for that same person (in the U.S) to order in the wire and sleeving etc (all from the U.S) as well at the same time and assemble it there. 
MKVI+ is on its way to me now  Might have to get a cheap 4 pin XLR cable for the LCD-2 while I wait to gather more funds for the one I have been planning for a little while now. 
  Will do  I will also attempt to take a decent pic of the tubes glowing, but the last time I tried that it turned out absolutely dreadful. 
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