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What headphones do you prefer with the ECBA? I am currently using LCD2.1's with LCD3 pads and a Toxic Silver Widow cable.  I like the sound but do find the lower mids to be a little thick and soundstage a bit narrow (Royal Princess 300b's and TS mouse ear 6SN7).  I am considering the move up to the LCD3's but am afraid of losing too much bass.  Is there another headphone that works particularly well with the ECBA?  I have a low frequency loss so I need something with...
I tried various iso devices I had laying around - Ingress Audio roller bearings, DH ceramic cones, Herbies cup and ball combo and Herbies Tenderfeet.  The stock rubber over steel cones sounded better than all of them.  I had tried the same thing with the Lampi and found the DH cones to work better than stock but the Sistrum platform was far better.
Has anyone tried a Sistrum platform under their ECBA ?  I had great success with this platform under my Lampizator.
Has anyone re-tensioned their socket pins?  My amp has the Yamamoto UX4-B4 sockets and one socket is too loose to maintain good contact with my 300b.  I tried using a heavy needle to tighten the grip.  It worked for around a week.  I spoke with EC who told me the Yamamoto's need to be tensioned differently and sent me to the jacmusic site.  http://www.jacmusic.com/sockets/Socket-Yamamoto.htm Close to the top of the page it shows the socket pin with an apparent adjustment...
I have the following single tubes for sale: 1- Siemens ECC82 Silver Plate - $75- The date codes are worn off and I can only see G? and =/ 2? (where =/ is an unequal sign).   These tubes were just independently tested by TC Tubes and have the following test results:   iP    70%  74% Gm  77%  81% Gas  .2       .2 Rated low noise. 1 - Sophia Electric "A" Grade 6SN7 - $50 - Like new with TC Tubes test results:   iP     104%    108% gM     92%    100% Gas     .2        ...
Price reduced to $2,250 + shipping and paypal fees.
For sale is my PS Audio Perfectwave Dac MKII with bridge in silver.  This is a factory MKII and not an updated MKI. It is is excellent condition and the top plastic has never been removed.   Original purchase date 5/2012 Priced to sell at $2250 + shipping + paypal fees.  
Has anyone tried an ECC40 (with adapter) in the ECBA in place of the 6SN7 ?
Sorry I can't answer with comparable experience but my PWD Mk2 outputs 2.8v and provides plenty of headroom to my LCD2's. The amp is stunning.
I am offering a matched pair of JJ 330b's with original boxes.  The tubes were just tested by tctubes on their laboratory grade Amplitrex AT1000 and the results are as follows: Tube 1: iP 93% Gm 90% Gas .8 Tube 2: iP 98% Gm 100% Gas 1.0 I am offering the pair for $165 which is 75% of the new price.  Buyer to pay shipping and any paypal fees.  
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