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To get to 5v, I am turning the control knob to its maximum.  I seem to be getting some variability there as I warmed up the amp for 45 minutes, turned it all the way up which got me barely to 5v then checked it 5 minutes later to be 5.25 v.  Is this indicative of a tube issue - if so, which tube(s)?  Or is it a function of variability in my mains voltage?  I noticed my meter dips below the zero mark when turned off.  Should it be exactly at zero?  If so, do I set it...
Has anyone run into this? The screws that hold the 300b tube sockets sit a little higher than the top of the ECBA case. I recently purchased a pair of Royal Princess tubes that do not seat well because the base of the tube hits the screws. I was isolating a noise and tried switching the 300b's but only 1 channel would work. The other wasn't making a good enough contact but worked fine when I reversed them again. If I tighten the screws further, they would probably...
I think I see mine!
Like anything else, fuses are system dependent.  I returned SR fuses and am now using quantum liquid fuses throughout.  I found the SR fuses to sound artificial and very forward.  The liquid fuses in my rig were more relaxed and sounded real. ymmv  
So far, I have tried Triode, Sablon Gran Corona, Pi Audio and WyWires. So far, I like WyWires the best. I find the power cable affects the sound of this dac more than the interconnects.
Has anyone found a power cord they really like with this dac?  I have tried several and haven't had much luck.
145,000 yen delivered to u.s.   
I am offering for sale a mint condition 110v Schiit Lyr.  I purchased this amp recently from a fellow head-fi member but never used it.  A dream amp came up for sale unexpectedly (and locally) and I purchased it before I took delivery of the Lyr.  This is the Lyr I purchased.  I purchased the amp from the original owner who bought it roughly 1.5 years ago directly from Schiit. The unit comes with stock...
I am happy with the EH300b.  I am afraid the PX4 could be too strident for my tastes.  I am extremely sensitive to the upper mid / lower high region and like to keep this area pushed back a bit.  I suspect the 300b family will suit me better.  
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