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This is probably a mistake, but I am selling my LCD2 revision 1 headphones.  I am selling as I have purchased an LCD3 which I slightly prefer.  The LCD2.1's are in excellent condition.  The wood is beautiful with no cracks or scratches.  Likewise, the grills look great.  The LCD3 pads probably have 150 hours on them at most and are also in excellent condition.  These headphones sound beautiful.  If you like the sound signature of the LCD2.1's these are probably the best...
"i'm in"
Austin Morrow, I hope you will post your thoughts on the BW vs the DHC Complement2 !
Thank you for taking the time to compare cables.  There are very few of such comparisons of hp cables to be found.  Choosing a cable is difficult as when asked which cable works best with the LCD3 (for example) you get a list of all of the cables that people own without any real head-to-head listening experience.
Has anyone compared the BW or SW to a DHC Complement2 ?  That copper cable has been receiving great reviews.
Thank you!  Not sure how I missed that in my forum search...
Has anyone tried a Virus on an LCD3?  How does the Virus compare with the SW?
This relative smoothness is why I would expect the LCD3 to be more forgiving than the LCD2, not less.  This is what is confusing to me.
My confusion comes from reading so many opinions of the LCD2 vs LCD3. I really like my LCD-2.1's but would like to correct a couple of aspects:      1.  More refined upper mids / lower treble.  I detect a little harshness in the LCD2's      2.  Less bloat in the lower mids / upper bass. My understanding is the LCD3's have a smoother treble.  It seems to me this should make them more forgiving than the LCD2's not less.
I am trying to make a similar decision.  I really like my LCD2.1 but have the itch to move to the LCD3.  I am afraid, however, it may be too unforgiving of poor or average recordings.
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