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Has anyone compared the BW or SW to a DHC Complement2 ?  That copper cable has been receiving great reviews.
Thank you!  Not sure how I missed that in my forum search...
Has anyone tried a Virus on an LCD3?  How does the Virus compare with the SW?
This relative smoothness is why I would expect the LCD3 to be more forgiving than the LCD2, not less.  This is what is confusing to me.
My confusion comes from reading so many opinions of the LCD2 vs LCD3. I really like my LCD-2.1's but would like to correct a couple of aspects:      1.  More refined upper mids / lower treble.  I detect a little harshness in the LCD2's      2.  Less bloat in the lower mids / upper bass. My understanding is the LCD3's have a smoother treble.  It seems to me this should make them more forgiving than the LCD2's not less.
I am trying to make a similar decision.  I really like my LCD2.1 but have the itch to move to the LCD3.  I am afraid, however, it may be too unforgiving of poor or average recordings.
What headphones do you prefer with the ECBA? I am currently using LCD2.1's with LCD3 pads and a Toxic Silver Widow cable.  I like the sound but do find the lower mids to be a little thick and soundstage a bit narrow (Royal Princess 300b's and TS mouse ear 6SN7).  I am considering the move up to the LCD3's but am afraid of losing too much bass.  Is there another headphone that works particularly well with the ECBA?  I have a low frequency loss so I need something with...
I tried various iso devices I had laying around - Ingress Audio roller bearings, DH ceramic cones, Herbies cup and ball combo and Herbies Tenderfeet.  The stock rubber over steel cones sounded better than all of them.  I had tried the same thing with the Lampi and found the DH cones to work better than stock but the Sistrum platform was far better.
Has anyone tried a Sistrum platform under their ECBA ?  I had great success with this platform under my Lampizator.
Has anyone re-tensioned their socket pins?  My amp has the Yamamoto UX4-B4 sockets and one socket is too loose to maintain good contact with my 300b.  I tried using a heavy needle to tighten the grip.  It worked for around a week.  I spoke with EC who told me the Yamamoto's need to be tensioned differently and sent me to the jacmusic site. Close to the top of the page it shows the socket pin with an apparent adjustment...
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