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I would look for a used MKII that has the ability to run both 2.02 and 2.20 firmware.  In my rig, 2.20 is painful while 2.02 is excellent.  Not all MKII's can run 2.02.  
If the US$/Yen gets to 145 then we'll see $1,000 us tubes again !  (102 currently)  
At 145k yen, it is now ~$1414 vs $1526 in april.  The devaluation of the yen is helping.  
Amongst various 6X4's  
The NU is the 1st 6F8G I have tried so I am unable to compare it to others.  I find the NU to be well balance tonally with outstanding midrange.  I am a bit surprised at the difference the rectifiers make in the ECBA.  I can hear a bigger difference in the 6X4 than in many of the 6SN7's I have rolled.  
I just tried a NU 6F8G in my ECBA and am loving it.  With Royal Princess 300b's and Genelex rectifiers I am getting holographic soundstaging and excellent tone. 
For sale is a single United Electronics USAF 596 rectifier tube with an adapter that will allow it to be used in a 5U4 socket.  The tube and adapter have been used for approximately 100 hours in my Decware Taboo before I sold my amp.  It worked well and sounded great in that application. Price is $125 delivered CONUS but PayPal fees are additional.  
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