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I am curious to try this as well.  The version that sounds best to me has the L104 file.  My other files are titled the same but are different in size. These worked best for me.  My other tubes are Sophia Royal Princess 300b and , NU 68FG  
I have no experience with the Mullard tubes but I hesitated in rolling the rectifiers as I had heard there was little to be gained.  Fortunately, I did try other rectifiers and have found them to make in my rig a significant difference.   
For sale is my 8 foot Toxic Silver Poison cable for an Audeze LCD2 or LCD3.  It is terminated at the input with a Viablue 6.3 mm jack.  There is no splitter jewelry which reduces the weight of the cable even further.  This is a beautiful cable for the LCD2.  I am selling only because I (finally) took delivery of a Toxic Silver Widow. The cable is just under 1 year old and was very well cared for.  I used it primarily on weekends. Here is your chance to buy a...
PM sent
I would look for a used MKII that has the ability to run both 2.02 and 2.20 firmware.  In my rig, 2.20 is painful while 2.02 is excellent.  Not all MKII's can run 2.02.  
If the US$/Yen gets to 145 then we'll see $1,000 us tubes again !  (102 currently)  
At 145k yen, it is now ~$1414 vs $1526 in april.  The devaluation of the yen is helping.  
Amongst various 6X4's  
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