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So....... Now that you all have a new batch of cables in your systems............. what is your favorite cable with the LCD3's ?
You are correct.  That was poorly stated.  With the PWD dac, I found the treble to be somewhat artificial or electronic.  At this level of performance it was not a huge negative but just did not offer the sound signature I was looking for.  The Lampi, on the other hand offered highs that sounded realistic and integrated.  The difference was not huge but I found the Lampi to be significantly more enjoyable in my rig.
The answer for me was the Lampizator L4G4. It sounds real vs the PWD artificial hi-fi presentation.
I am curious as to how the virus compares to the SW.  Are the mids and highs as silky smooth?
I have been considering the TH900 to pair with my ECBA.  I am concerned, however, with tales of abrasive treble.  Can anyone comment on this?  I am EXTREMELY sensitive to glare, grain or etch (I like LCD2 v 1's and LCD3's).  My LCD3's don't seem to be the best fit with this amp and am considering changing 1 or the other.  I can't seem to come up with a good headphone to pair with the BA. 
Good catch!  It is in fact Western Electronics. I expected to read Western Electric and that is what I saw. 
No other markings.  There is a hole in the base outside of the ring of pins.  It is in line with the pin guide.
Western Electric pics        
Has anyone encountered a Western Electric 6SN7-GT ?  I have one with black glass and oval plates.  I am guessing it is made by Brimar or Mullard.  I will post a picture when I am able.
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