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For sale is my 6 foot Toxic Cables Silver Widow cable.  It is terminated with mini-xlrs for LCD3 / LCD2 on one end and 4- pin XLR on the other.  The cable is in excellent condition.  It is better than new in that it is fully burned in and there is no waiting for months for a new one.  I have used mine mainly on weekends since June of 2013. SOLD includes CONUS shipping but not paypal fees. 
I hope this is appropriate to post here.  Has anyone compared the Toxic Silver Widow or Black Widow to the Complement2.  My reason for asking is I own a Silver Widow and am considering a switch to the Complement2 with my LCD-3.   Thanks.
Anyone willing to offer an experienced opinion.
So....... Now that you all have a new batch of cables in your systems............. what is your favorite cable with the LCD3's ?
You are correct.  That was poorly stated.  With the PWD dac, I found the treble to be somewhat artificial or electronic.  At this level of performance it was not a huge negative but just did not offer the sound signature I was looking for.  The Lampi, on the other hand offered highs that sounded realistic and integrated.  The difference was not huge but I found the Lampi to be significantly more enjoyable in my rig.
The answer for me was the Lampizator L4G4. It sounds real vs the PWD artificial hi-fi presentation.
I am curious as to how the virus compares to the SW.  Are the mids and highs as silky smooth?
I have been considering the TH900 to pair with my ECBA.  I am concerned, however, with tales of abrasive treble.  Can anyone comment on this?  I am EXTREMELY sensitive to glare, grain or etch (I like LCD2 v 1's and LCD3's).  My LCD3's don't seem to be the best fit with this amp and am considering changing 1 or the other.  I can't seem to come up with a good headphone to pair with the BA. 
Good catch!  It is in fact Western Electronics. I expected to read Western Electric and that is what I saw. 
No other markings.  There is a hole in the base outside of the ring of pins.  It is in line with the pin guide.
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