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What about the LCD-3 Fazor? Most responses have been to recommend a "brighter" amp to compensate for the "darker" LCD-3 sound signature.  With the LCD-3F, however, it seems the tonal balance has been shifted up eliminating the need for more high mid / lower treble energy. What amp pairs well with the LCD-3F (fazor) ?  
I have been listening to a Mullard ECC32 in my ECBA and have to say - WOW!
sam1e My thoughts on the WyWires are here: I can't tell you where my lcd's fall in the timeline but they are not veiled and therefore do not have replaced drivers. My source is Bryston BDP-1/ Lampization L4G4/ Eddie Current Balancing Act (300b). The biggest difference to me is instrument separation and image solidity within a larger and deeper soundstage.  Microdynamics are also improved.  
I prefer the WyWires Red to the Toxic SW with my LCD3 in my setup.
I don't think the red is part of the hierarchy but is an adjunct line for headphones.  It doesn't hurt to send a message to WyWires to ask about iem's.  Let us know what you think Audio Addict.  I found them to sound really good out of the box but they really opened up with some burn in.
I recently purchased a WyWires Red headphone cable to compare to the Toxic Silver Widow on my LCD3.  The WyWires is an excellent cable that I found to be a significant step up from the Silver Widow (another fine cable!). My system consists of a Bryston BDP1 / Lampizator L4G4 / Eddie Current Balancing Act / LCD3.  I listen primarily to rock and blues.  I like weighty bass, liquid midrange and detailed but sweet treble.  I like to listen to all of my music and not just...
For sale is my Star Sound Technologies Sistrum SP-1.  Included is the SP-1 'rack', the 3 threaded male and female pairs of audio points, and 6 brass discs to protect your equipment and your rack. I can attest to the improvement this makes with a Lampizator dac as well as other components in my system.  The only place it didn't work is with my Eddie Current Balancing Act - I have yet to find anything that improves upon the stock feet with that amp (this is the reason for...
For sale is a set of 3 Herbies Audio Lab Iso-Cup w/SuperSonic Hardball in excellent condition. Buyer pays shipping and paypal.
For sale is my 5ft Triode Wire Labs Ten+ American Grade power cord in 5 foot length.  It is in excellent condition as it has been plugged in and seldom moved.  Buyer pays shipping and paypal fees.    SOLD
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