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I have never been thrilled with the PWD2.  I thought it was a very minor improvement over my EE Minimax Plus.  The newest firmware is an improvement but it still doesn't sound real - especially in the upper mids / lower treble.  I have never tried a NOS dac and am wondering if that is the direction I should take.  I was looking at the Metrum Hex, Lampizator 4, Eximus dp-1, NAD M51, BADA2.  I am looking for grain-free, sweet treble with good microdynamics and...
Thank you. This is the kind of feedback I was looking for.
What did you replace it with?  In what ways did your replacement sound better?
I am really enjoying the Create Synergy 6SN7.  So far my favorite has been the Ken-Rad 6f8g for it's amazing midrange.  It's weakness is a soft bass.  The Create does not have the magic in the midrange but it is good.  Very clean and very quiet.  Dynamics are excellent and bass is great.  I need more time with this tube but it is a keeper and will probably be #2 or #1 in my estimation.   
I like Ken-Rad 6f8g's followed by National Union.  They sound similar but the Ken-Rads through a larger soundstage in my Balancing Act. I am trying a 6c8g Ken-Rad this weekend to see if the increase in gain will affect dynamics.  
Does anyone want to split Gopher's pair of Synergy / Create 6SN7's with me?  I only wish to buy 1 to try. Update.  I bot one.  Gopher has 1 remaining if anyone cares.
I need only 1 tube.  Anyone want to split these?
The ecc35 i tried had a few miles on it - that certainly could make a difference as well.  I do have an ecc33.  I wasn't impressed the last time i tried it but i have made several system changes since then and it's worth going through my entire stash again.  
I have tried a Mulllard ecc35 and liked the dynamics but prefer the midrange magic and detail of the K-R 6f8g. The 6c8's are cheap enough that I'll give one a try.  
So far, I like best in my ECBA the Ken-Rad 6F8G followed by the NU of the same designation.  I am curious about the 6C8G as I could potentially benefit from the higher mu of this tube with my LCD2's.  Any thoughts/experience with 6C8G's relative to 6F8G's?
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