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sam1e My thoughts on the WyWires are here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/717013/wywires-red-headphone-cable/15#post_10630173 I can't tell you where my lcd's fall in the timeline but they are not veiled and therefore do not have replaced drivers. My source is Bryston BDP-1/ Lampization L4G4/ Eddie Current Balancing Act (300b). The biggest difference to me is instrument separation and image solidity within a larger and deeper soundstage.  Microdynamics are also improved.  
I prefer the WyWires Red to the Toxic SW with my LCD3 in my setup.
I don't think the red is part of the hierarchy but is an adjunct line for headphones.  It doesn't hurt to send a message to WyWires to ask about iem's.  Let us know what you think Audio Addict.  I found them to sound really good out of the box but they really opened up with some burn in.
I recently purchased a WyWires Red headphone cable to compare to the Toxic Silver Widow on my LCD3.  The WyWires is an excellent cable that I found to be a significant step up from the Silver Widow (another fine cable!). My system consists of a Bryston BDP1 / Lampizator L4G4 / Eddie Current Balancing Act / LCD3.  I listen primarily to rock and blues.  I like weighty bass, liquid midrange and detailed but sweet treble.  I like to listen to all of my music and not just...
For sale is my Star Sound Technologies Sistrum SP-1.  Included is the SP-1 'rack', the 3 threaded male and female pairs of audio points, and 6 brass discs to protect your equipment and your rack. I can attest to the improvement this makes with a Lampizator dac as well as other components in my system.  The only place it didn't work is with my Eddie Current Balancing Act - I have yet to find anything that improves upon the stock feet with that amp (this is the reason for...
For sale is a set of 3 Herbies Audio Lab Iso-Cup w/SuperSonic Hardball in excellent condition. Buyer pays shipping and paypal.
For sale is my 5ft Triode Wire Labs Ten+ American Grade power cord in 5 foot length.  It is in excellent condition as it has been plugged in and seldom moved.  Buyer pays shipping and paypal fees.    SOLD
For sale is my 6 foot Toxic Cables Silver Widow cable.  It is terminated with mini-xlrs for LCD3 / LCD2 on one end and 4- pin XLR on the other.  The cable is in excellent condition.  It is better than new in that it is fully burned in and there is no waiting for months for a new one.  I have used mine mainly on weekends since June of 2013. SOLD includes CONUS shipping but not paypal fees. 
I hope this is appropriate to post here.  Has anyone compared the Toxic Silver Widow or Black Widow to the Complement2.  My reason for asking is I own a Silver Widow and am considering a switch to the Complement2 with my LCD-3.   Thanks.
Anyone willing to offer an experienced opinion.
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