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I like Ken-Rad 6f8g's followed by National Union.  They sound similar but the Ken-Rads through a larger soundstage in my Balancing Act. I am trying a 6c8g Ken-Rad this weekend to see if the increase in gain will affect dynamics.  
Does anyone want to split Gopher's pair of Synergy / Create 6SN7's with me?  I only wish to buy 1 to try. Update.  I bot one.  Gopher has 1 remaining if anyone cares.
I need only 1 tube.  Anyone want to split these?
The ecc35 i tried had a few miles on it - that certainly could make a difference as well.  I do have an ecc33.  I wasn't impressed the last time i tried it but i have made several system changes since then and it's worth going through my entire stash again.  
I have tried a Mulllard ecc35 and liked the dynamics but prefer the midrange magic and detail of the K-R 6f8g. The 6c8's are cheap enough that I'll give one a try.  
So far, I like best in my ECBA the Ken-Rad 6F8G followed by the NU of the same designation.  I am curious about the 6C8G as I could potentially benefit from the higher mu of this tube with my LCD2's.  Any thoughts/experience with 6C8G's relative to 6F8G's?
Thanks, all.   It does not sound like my cup of tea.  Especially given the price commanded by the genuine 1578's.  
So.......... How do 1578's sound relative to NU or Ken-Rad 6F8G's?
My current fav in my ECBA is a NU 6F8G (adapter from 2359glenn).  It has wonderful mids with great air,space and clarity while maintaining unrivaled smoothness.  It is a bit soft in the bottom, however.  If only I could have it all..............  
Thanks GMF2010, that is the first version of 2.20 that sounded good in my system and it sounds better than the 2.02 version that was previous favorite.  I think this one is a keeper.  It eliminates the mid-bass hump of 2.02 and is very clean in the upper mids.  Before this, I couldn't stand the awful treble of 2.20 but this version is smooth as silk.
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