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I am curious as to how the virus compares to the SW.  Are the mids and highs as silky smooth?
I have been considering the TH900 to pair with my ECBA.  I am concerned, however, with tales of abrasive treble.  Can anyone comment on this?  I am EXTREMELY sensitive to glare, grain or etch (I like LCD2 v 1's and LCD3's).  My LCD3's don't seem to be the best fit with this amp and am considering changing 1 or the other.  I can't seem to come up with a good headphone to pair with the BA. 
Good catch!  It is in fact Western Electronics. I expected to read Western Electric and that is what I saw. 
No other markings.  There is a hole in the base outside of the ring of pins.  It is in line with the pin guide.
Western Electric pics        
Has anyone encountered a Western Electric 6SN7-GT ?  I have one with black glass and oval plates.  I am guessing it is made by Brimar or Mullard.  I will post a picture when I am able.
This is probably a mistake, but I am selling my LCD2 revision 1 headphones.  I am selling as I have purchased an LCD3 which I slightly prefer.  The LCD2.1's are in excellent condition.  The wood is beautiful with no cracks or scratches.  Likewise, the grills look great.  The LCD3 pads probably have 150 hours on them at most and are also in excellent condition.  These headphones sound beautiful.  If you like the sound signature of the LCD2.1's these are probably the best...
"i'm in"
Austin Morrow, I hope you will post your thoughts on the BW vs the DHC Complement2 !
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