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I have for sale a pair of Sophia Princess 300b Mesh Plates with ceramic white bases and original boxes.  I had the tubes tested by tctubes on their laboratory grade Amplitrex AT1000.  The tubes test as follows: Tube 1: iP 151% Gm 94% Gas 5.5 Tube 2: iP: 139% Gm: 101% Gas 4.3 I am offering them at $315 which is 75% of the new price.  Buyer agrees to pay shipping and any paypal fees.  
I seem to remember someone having this problem and the solution was to revert to an earlier fw such as 2.02 and then reload 2.14.   
The 2.20 firmware you have is a new version.  It is the original that sounded horrid on some machines (including mine).  The new 2.20 is worlds apart from the original.
I wish. I would love to try this.
I'm going to continue doing my research while waiting for the new firmware to be released.  If it isn't a real improvement, I'll let it go.  The software issues are a problem.  I want to listen to music and not fiddle with software.  
I think there are so many PWD's on agon because of their firmware issues.  Some firmware sounds good with 1 vintage of PWD but not another.  Some vintages will play only some of the firmware revisions.  In buying a new one be sure to ask which firmware works.  When I first received mine it sounded horrible.  I reverted back to a prior revision (with some difficulty - had to seek out a PSA engineer) that wouldn't load on my hardware.  The newest firmware is improving and...
I have never been thrilled with the PWD2.  I thought it was a very minor improvement over my EE Minimax Plus.  The newest firmware is an improvement but it still doesn't sound real - especially in the upper mids / lower treble.  I have never tried a NOS dac and am wondering if that is the direction I should take.  I was looking at the Metrum Hex, Lampizator 4, Eximus dp-1, NAD M51, BADA2.  I am looking for grain-free, sweet treble with good microdynamics and...
Thank you. This is the kind of feedback I was looking for.
What did you replace it with?  In what ways did your replacement sound better?
I am really enjoying the Create Synergy 6SN7.  So far my favorite has been the Ken-Rad 6f8g for it's amazing midrange.  It's weakness is a soft bass.  The Create does not have the magic in the midrange but it is good.  Very clean and very quiet.  Dynamics are excellent and bass is great.  I need more time with this tube but it is a keeper and will probably be #2 or #1 in my estimation.   
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