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I second this recommendation.  Very nice craftsmanship at a reasonable cost.  I went with black walnut.Received the shipping notice on my Rag, should have it next Thursday!  Just in time to settle in for the weekend.
Mine sez 2.5a on the back
Sophia RP 300b and Mullard ECC32 in my ECBA. 
I love my ECBA/ LCD3f combination.
I cool my tube dac with a computer fan run off a motorcycle battery.  I'll just hook up another fan if needed
I'm in.  Just placed my order.
Thanks again.  The upfront soundstage is definitely a consideration.  My ECBA is dialed in nicely with Royal Princess 300b's and a Mullard Ecc32.  Perhaps a touch thick in the upper bass but the midrange - especially with vocals- is amazing.  Microdynamics provide such a magical sense of realism it is spooky.  If I could recreate this with ss near the cost of a re-tube...........
Thank you very much.  I am thinking of replacing my ECBA to drive LCD3 fazors.  I love the ECBA but if I can get off the tube rolling expense merry-go-round that would be a real plus.
care to offer a comparison?
Has anyone heard both the Rag and the new Violectric V281?
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