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I would love to hear from owners/auditioners of the EE Minimax Sabre Dac. Would you consider it's tonal balance to be tipped to the bright side/ the warm side or just right? I am in the market for a new dac and this is a finalist (with the Monarchy M24 and Electrocompaniet ECD-1).  I am very sensitive to upper mids and like to hear a certain amount of weight and fullness in the bottom.  How would you compare the Minimax to the other popular dacs such as the Audio...
Sorry.  I meant to post this in the sale/ trade forum and don't know how to move it.
This dac is on my short list.  Could you comment on the upper mids / lower treble?  This is where I am sensitive (negatively).  Do you note any glare/grain/hardness in this area? Also, do you find there to be good instrument separation with air around individual instruments? Thanks.
My current rig includes: Music Hall Maverick SACD Darkvoice 337 Beyer T1 I would like to improve my source and the more research I do the more confused I am becoming.  The problem with my current setup is a certain amount of hardness/glare in the upper mids / lower trebles.  I am extremely sensitive to this frequency range.  In addition, I am hearing some grain and congestion in loud passages.  The Maverick is a warm CDP that does many things right but I suspect...
ctm purchase from me a custom y-cable.  he was a pleasure to deal with - great communication and fast payment.  i look forward to more trades with ctm in the future.
Sorry, it has been Sold.  Thanks.
Finally received Opeth's Damnation disc and love it. 
I have read through this tread a couple of times as I have had success with boutique fuses finding them to be an effective tweak. I am looking for suggestions for a couple of applications: 1.  I have a Music Hall Maverick CD player with a stock 1A slow blow and would like to replace this fuse.  I would like to smooth out a little hardness I have in the upper mids/ lower highs and would like to boost the volume/weight of my bass.  I am leaning toward the Furu but am...
After several more spins, I really like FOBP too.
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