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This is probably a mistake, but I am selling my Beyerdynamic T1's that were terminated with Apuresound cables and a Furutech 1/4" plug.  The Apuresound cable sounds great with the T1's, eliminating (in my system) any hardness or glare.  While I am the second owner, the original owner did not use them more than 10 hours.  They were not what he was looking for.  I purchased them in August 2010 and have put 4-5 hours per week on them since that time.  They are in mint...
PENDING    I am selling my DarkVoice 337 and will include in this purchase a pair of 5998's and Tung Sol mesh plate 6SJ7GT tubes.  These tubes are increasingly hard to find but I will include them with the sale of my amp.  I am the second owner of the amp.  The original owner purchased the amplifier in September of 2008 but put only a few hours on it.  I bought it in July of 2010 and generally enjoyed it for 4-5 hours a week on the weekends. This is a great...
I am now driving my lcd2.1's with a Beta22 and I have to say this is one great combo. My darkvoice drove my T1's to perfection but the OTL amp was a poor match for the lcd2.  The Beta has a tubelike liquid midrange with a controlled bass.  I don't have many hours with this amp yet but I think this is a keeper.
I think the DV337 is an excellent amp.  It works beautifully with my Beyer T1's. 
I currently am running my MacMini with Audirvan > EE Minimax Dac > DV337 >Beyer T1's.  I really like this set up but was enticed into the LCD2 by all of the rave reviews.  I purchased a version 1 LCD2 and tried it with my rig and found the LCD2 to be bass light and glaring in the upper mids / lower treble.  I find my system with the T1's to be slightly on the warm side of neutral and was hoping the LCD2 would provide a little more bass weight/impact and would be slightly...
So you would recommend everyone Schiit their 'pants ?    
I have a similar question.  I have my choices to power my LCD2 limited to: V200 - appears to be a good match and offers the ability to go balanced. Mini Torii - tubes allow for fine tuning of sound. Beta22 - another good match and offers solid bass and slightly recessed upper mids (a sound I like).
I am considering the v200 to power my lcd2.1's.  Would you consider this amp's presentation to be forward or recessed? Also, does any one in the US offer a 30 day trial on the v200? Thanks.
Did you keep the rev.1 or rev.2 of the LCD-2?    
I am extremely sensitive to brightness and find the T1 to be ever so slightly on the dark side of neutral. I am running them with an OTL amp and minimax dac.  
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