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I currently am running my MacMini with Audirvan > EE Minimax Dac > DV337 >Beyer T1's.  I really like this set up but was enticed into the LCD2 by all of the rave reviews.  I purchased a version 1 LCD2 and tried it with my rig and found the LCD2 to be bass light and glaring in the upper mids / lower treble.  I find my system with the T1's to be slightly on the warm side of neutral and was hoping the LCD2 would provide a little more bass weight/impact and would be slightly...
So you would recommend everyone Schiit their 'pants ?    
I have a similar question.  I have my choices to power my LCD2 limited to: V200 - appears to be a good match and offers the ability to go balanced. Mini Torii - tubes allow for fine tuning of sound. Beta22 - another good match and offers solid bass and slightly recessed upper mids (a sound I like).
I am considering the v200 to power my lcd2.1's.  Would you consider this amp's presentation to be forward or recessed? Also, does any one in the US offer a 30 day trial on the v200? Thanks.
Did you keep the rev.1 or rev.2 of the LCD-2?    
I am extremely sensitive to brightness and find the T1 to be ever so slightly on the dark side of neutral. I am running them with an OTL amp and minimax dac.  
I'm curious, AiDee.  Do you have revision 1 or revision 2?  I am considering the purchase of one of the used LCD2's out there but am having trouble deciding which version.    
I'm the 5th wheel in this group transaction and I don't want knock out someone ahead of me.  If one of the original 4 decides to drop out, I'll put together the deal.   My idea would be to find everyone's maximum bid and try to come to some agreement as to the highest price the group could live with.  I would enter that bid as late in the bidding process as possible.  Should we win, I would just divide the total cost by 4 then add actual shipping for each tube sent from...
I am willing to buy the 4 tubes and resell them to the rest of the group at cost + actual shipping (assuming I get a spot in the group ). 
I am in the US and would love to be part of a group purchase of the Mullard masters.
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