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I have read through this tread a couple of times as I have had success with boutique fuses finding them to be an effective tweak. I am looking for suggestions for a couple of applications: 1.  I have a Music Hall Maverick CD player with a stock 1A slow blow and would like to replace this fuse.  I would like to smooth out a little hardness I have in the upper mids/ lower highs and would like to boost the volume/weight of my bass.  I am leaning toward the Furu but am...
After several more spins, I really like FOBP too.
Will do.  Thank you
Thank you. So far, I have tried Crack the Skye, Train of Thought and Blackwater Park.  I think these titles have pushed the boundary for me a little too far to the metallic side.  I will give them a lot more time before I say this decisively, however.  I just received In Absentia and will spin it this weekend.  I'll check out OSI.
Which cables do you feel propel the 990's into T1 territory?  Thanks.
Here is my dilemma - I own and love the 990/600's but would like to improve on the mids.  The T1 sounds like the perfect choice.  My concern revolves around my hearing loss.  My hearing peaks at 2khzs and rolls off at both extremes.  The dt990/600 is great because it dips in that 1k-5k area where my hearing peaks the 990/600's peak where my hearing rolls off - below 250hz and above 8khz.  I am torn between stepping up to the T1 for better quality mids but losing the...
IMOD sold.  VCAP dock SOLD   and cable PENDING.
Dimitri purchased my Darkvoice DV332.  It was a real pleasure trading with him.  Communication was great and payment prompt.  I am happy to know this Head-Fi member.
Shipping to India is far too expensive.
Prices lowered
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