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I go from a 2010 Mac Mini with 8gb ram / SSD for OS / Oyen Digital External HDD for music through a Downsize Silver Cable into JKeny modified Hiface MK2
Just rolled in a Philips E80cc SQ Gold Pin and am liking it.  Very dynamic and involving.  Deep soundstage, 3D and instrument separation.  May be a little energy in the upper mids but I need to spend more time with it.  This could be a good tube to put into the rotation.
I definitely am finding the 797 to change with burn in.  More defined bass, better inner dynamics and deeper soundstage.
The silverplate has very extended highs that complements very well the 2604's but prove to be too much with the 797's.  The highs are not harsh or glaring just louder.
The 797 / mullard combo is improving with burn in.  I'm going to give it another week and switch back to 2604/ silverplate to compare.
Dropouts could be cable related.  Try to borrow a couple of alternative cables to see if this helps.  I suffered from dropouts until I switched to a different digital cable.
The Silverplate/797 was too bright.  Mullard/2604 too dark.  One of the other combos will be the Goldilocks solution.
I swapped out the Siemens Silverplate and replaced it with a Mullard having installed the 797 opamps.  It is really amazing the change in tonal balance that can be achieved with these combinations.  Bass in my rig is now HUGE - maybe too much.  I'll keep this configuration for a while so my ears adjust.  I think I will be happy with either the 2604/Silverplate or 797/Mullard combination.  Those looking for a warm, full-bodied presentation could explore these pairings to...
I found the siemens silverplate solves the resolution deficiency in the 2604.  In my rig, the 797's with the silverplates are tipped too far to the treble with insufficient bass to offset the effect.  I will play around with tubes to work with the 797's but right now I prefer the 2604/silverplate combo in my system.  
SilverRS8 I think you might like the OPA 2604.  They are a very good match for the Siemens chrome's.  The 2604's flesh out the bass while the chromes/silvers clear up the highs.  It's a very nice combination with great low frequency response.
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