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I have the following 6SN7's for sale:  Bump before they go to Ebay! 1 Pair Create Audio 6SN7 - This pair is practically new.  I put fewer than 50 hours on them.  $125 for the pair.  OBO SOLD Tube Sophia Electric 6SN7 - Grade A - Tested by TC Tubes.  iP = 104%/108%  Gm = 92%/100% Low noise.  $65 single tube.  SOLD SOLD Tube Mullard SOLD CV589 Military ECC35 Short Brown Base.  Bottom "D" getter.  Printed codes 1347 / 1K2.  Tested when I purchased the tube at 1600/1800...
Has anyone had to pay duty on a cable shipped to the US?  I found a duty calculator online that, if I used it correctly, assured me there would be no duty on my under $1,000 order.
I am considering an upgrade to my LCD-3 fazor cable.  I was using a Toxic Silver Widow but switched to a WyWires Red as I found I liked the organic feel of copper as well as the increase in dynamics.  I am curious about some of the TOTL cables out there but there seems to be no comparisons available to make an educated opinion.  Each brand has its following but it is difficult to get opinions across brands. Has anyone actually compared any of these cables to others?
I have for sale 2 cruzeFIRST Maestro duplex outlets.  They are used and have some scratches around the blade entry holes but are in otherwise excellent condition.  They are broken in but with very little use.  Comes with original box. I can offer 1 outlet for $55 + shipping + paypal fees            or  2 outlet for $100 + shipping + paypal fees Photos to follow.
Pittsburgh it is!  I find the umbilical to further the round, organic nature of the amp.  It isn't shielded but a flat copper (?) ribbon that is very quiet.
I thing the ECBA will be my end of the line amp.  I recently tried a Schiit Ragnarok and returned it.  While great for solid state it just doesn't have that Balancing Act magic.  I think the Stefan audio umbilical is worthwhile.
WTB:  Wattgate 381 AG Silver duplex outlet
Bryston BDP-1 > Lampizator G4/L4 > Eddie Current Balancing Act > LCD3 Fazor Darwin Ascension interconnects.  WyWires Red headphone cable (did use Toxic Siver Widow but prefer WyWires)
I would really like to try a Complement4 cable with my LCD3 fazor.  The price of entry is high to buy on faith.  Are demo's available?
Please keep in mind these are very preliminary opinions.  I don't want to mislead anyone.  I did want to get some early impressions out there as a lot of people are looking at this amp.  I will definitely follow up after the weekend when I have had time to listen further and to roll the tube in my Lampizator to dial in the sound.
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