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Pittsburgh it is!  I find the umbilical to further the round, organic nature of the amp.  It isn't shielded but a flat copper (?) ribbon that is very quiet.
I thing the ECBA will be my end of the line amp.  I recently tried a Schiit Ragnarok and returned it.  While great for solid state it just doesn't have that Balancing Act magic.  I think the Stefan audio umbilical is worthwhile.
WTB:  Wattgate 381 AG Silver duplex outlet
Bryston BDP-1 > Lampizator G4/L4 > Eddie Current Balancing Act > LCD3 Fazor Darwin Ascension interconnects.  WyWires Red headphone cable (did use Toxic Siver Widow but prefer WyWires)
I would really like to try a Complement4 cable with my LCD3 fazor.  The price of entry is high to buy on faith.  Are demo's available?
Please keep in mind these are very preliminary opinions.  I don't want to mislead anyone.  I did want to get some early impressions out there as a lot of people are looking at this amp.  I will definitely follow up after the weekend when I have had time to listen further and to roll the tube in my Lampizator to dial in the sound.
The Royal Princess tubes run ~$1,200/par with the Takatsuki's beyond that. 
I received my Ragnarok yesterday and have only had a couple of hours listening time so these are very initial first impressions. My setup includes: Bryston BDP-1 player Lampizator L4/G4 Dac Eddie Current Balancing Act Amp (Royal Princess 300B and Mullard Ecc32) for comparison. Audeze LCD3-F I find the Ragnarok to be best ss amp I have heard to date.  It sounds a lot like a good tube amp and does some things better and some things not as well as the best tube...
I was just getting ready to list this on Agon.  PM sent.
I second this recommendation.  Very nice craftsmanship at a reasonable cost.  I went with black walnut.Received the shipping notice on my Rag, should have it next Thursday!  Just in time to settle in for the weekend.
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