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Thanks again.  The upfront soundstage is definitely a consideration.  My ECBA is dialed in nicely with Royal Princess 300b's and a Mullard Ecc32.  Perhaps a touch thick in the upper bass but the midrange - especially with vocals- is amazing.  Microdynamics provide such a magical sense of realism it is spooky.  If I could recreate this with ss near the cost of a re-tube...........
Thank you very much.  I am thinking of replacing my ECBA to drive LCD3 fazors.  I love the ECBA but if I can get off the tube rolling expense merry-go-round that would be a real plus.
care to offer a comparison?
Has anyone heard both the Rag and the new Violectric V281?
This is a very worthwhile upgrade.
Has anyone compared the ComplementX to the Wywires Red on an LCD3 ?
It will be interesting to read comparisons between the V281 and the new Schiit Ragnarok - another end-game amp
I found the hi-fi tuning supreme to be slow, rolled off and unexciting.  
For me, it sounded good right out of the box and continues to improve in realism, air and soundstage depth.  I think fuses are like power cables - very system dependent.
Interesting.  My experience was just the opposite.  I find the SR Red to be the best fuse I have yet to hear in my ECBA.
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