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If this is the socket you have, the 300B uses the 2 large holes at the bottom left and bottom right as well as the 2 parallel holes at the top (below the single hole at the top).  The PX4 will use the remaining holes - none are shared.  If you look at the pins, you will see a group of 3 that are closest together which form a triangle.  The pin at the top of this triangle will fit between the 2 large holes with the other pins of the triangle fitting just above the 2 large...
On the px4 there is a group of 3 pins and 1 pin not part of the the cluster.  Use this cluster to find the matching holes.  I have a yamamoto socket that accepts both px4 and 300b.  The px4 does not use the 2 large holes - this narrows your choices a bit. You won't have to force the tube, if oriented properly, the px4 with slip right in.
My ECBA has the switch in the back where Up is PX4 and down is 300B.  I have the Yamamoto tube sockets that accept both UX4 and B4 bases.
Has anyone tried the TJ PX25?  I understand it is warmer than the KR PX25 but is NOS the only way to go?  I am considering the PX25 vs an AVVT Px4 and am a bit concerned about the price of the PX25 vs the risk of getting a good pair.  It's all about the sound, though.
I have re-read this thread and I'm still not certain I understand the sonic differences between the PX4 and the 300B. I am currently using a Royal Princess 300B with a Mullard ECC32 driver.  I have tried the vast majority of possible drivers but have only heard the RP 300B. If I were to switch to a AVVT PX4 (or AVVT PX4 or EML PX4) what differences can I expect to hear?   If I could improve anything, it would be to eliminate a small bump in the low mids / upper bass and...
My SR fuses blew on startup.  In-rush current was blamed.  Apparently every piece of equipment I own suffers from high in-rush current.......................
One caveat with SR fuses is they (in my experience are quick to blow).  I tried the SR20 fuses in a couple of places and each one blew.  I have since replaced them with Audio Horizons fuses.  I tried a SR Red fuse which I loved in my system.  I used a 3.15a fuse in a 2.5a application to be safe.  It lasted ~ 3 months.  That's it for me. 
How do the EML 300b's sound in comparison? 
I prefer SR Reds to the Audio Magic and Audio Horizons Platinum fuses.
Updated 1/19/15 Add $5 for domestic conus shipping.  I have tried to put a fair value on these tested tubes.  If you disagree with my value please make a fair offer. 1 Pair - Raytheon JAN-CRB-6SN7WGT - 1955 vintage tan base with red printing.  Tested by TC Tubes.Top D-getter.  Very nice  sound $50 for the pair. Tube 1 - Gm 103% 107%  iP 100 104 Gas .2 .2 both sections low microphonic. White box Tube 2 - Gm 100% 96%    ip 104 93  Gas 0 0  Section 1 slightly microphonic...
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