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SPL Auditor?
I am just about to drop some cash on the auditor once I find a good place to buy it. Any one else out there got one and would like to share some pics, experiences etc... ? My setup: Source: Mac Mini & Mac Book DAC/AMP: Apogee DUET , SPL Auditor (soon) Phones: AKG 702, Senny HD 25, Pioneer HDJ 1000 (broken hinge) Application: Music Production. As I am using this with my DAW I am also trying it out with the Cross feed VST Redline monitor.
Quote: Originally Posted by Zombie_X So true I heard them on a SPL Phonitor and they sounded amazing,but look at the price of that thing. If I had the money I'd take the plunge for sure. How about the SPL auditor, it has all the same guts but without cross feed stuff? BTW your internal soundcard will be quite noisy. I have a pair of K702s and use it with an apogee duet (dac). Once they burn in I will go for the auditor
I am no expert but I like the Apogee Duet. From what i have experienced with my set up (I have only had it for a few days) is that you need to crank it up to get any kind of volume from the 702s compared to the Senny HD 25s. I plan to get a separate amp in a few weeks. BTW I produce deep ambient house music.
HI, Thanks for the info I use Cubase and Ableton. I do feel the the HP amp needs a bit more guts but tbh it sounds fine for now. Just got to wait for the Headphones to burn in and then I may start looking for an amp. Thanks again to everyone.
Super thanks The AKGs arrived today and have to say even with just the Duet I am already happy. Once they burn in and I get an amp I wont know what I am going to do with myself. LOL
Any takers ?
Well it will be my first headphone amp so I guess it is most probably wise not to spend too much. Let's say between 300 - 500 Euros. I did have my ears originally on a Phonitor and a HD 800 but i managed to suppress the gear lust Thank you
The AKGs are en route. I have an apogee duet. Any suggestions for a headphone amp ? Application is producing/mixing. I should add that I have used the search button Many thanks
The HD 25s make a v good DJ headphone - but I find them a little too bright/harsh for producing.
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