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I heard some slight noise from OPO's headphone out with Westone ES3Xs, Neutron app and quiet piano music. I called the noise "slight" as it cannot be heard while loud/busy music is playing, nor from dynamic earphones (VSonic GR07). If you are not listening for noise using really sensitive BA IEMs, you probably won't hear it. However, OPO's noise level does seem higher than my Sansa Clip+ or iPhone 3GS. OPO's output volume is louder though.
I am using a 128GB microSD (which has been formatted to fat32) in my RB Clip+. So yes, it definitely works and works very well.
^ That chart from GSMArena has quite a few typos. For example, the 1st "Oppo Find 7 (headphones)" should probably be "OnePlus One (headphones)". Here is my summary from reading that chart: audio measurement of OnePlus One is slightly worse than S5, G3 or One/M8 (with M8 being the best in that chart). OnePlus One's measurement seems highly similar to Oppo Find 7. Not sure about vs Find 7a, as 7a's crosstalk measurement seems to be a typo.
Great job dr408517. It looks like Samsung EVO 1TB mSATA SSD should work, as long as power supply and cooling is sufficient.
cmarti,Please keep us posted on Tarkan's release date for the SATA adapter. I will buy at least one. Thank you!
James, I would rather you reduce screen size to 3" and use full sized SD or dual microSD slot. Many people here prefer full sized SD as it is cheaper for more storage. If you want to make a "dream" DAP, you cannot go with just one microSD slot - because that is so standard typical of what most brands are offering. Also "high resolution" music takes up more storage space. Also I personally don't see the point of having a big screen on a music player. I would rather use my...
^ Your USB port may not be a "bad". It may simpl supply less power than the other one, because it was set up by default that way. By default, some computer USB ports have more power than the others. Sorry I cannot remember exactly how to change that, though it is probably in USB hardware control in a drop down menu when you right click on symbol of a USB port.
I did ask the designer why not use ED or TWFK and how are they improving treble limitation of Siren. The designer said the new Siren series have improved treble performance and they are going to playing with damping.Personally I am not too concerned about the final 10% of sound quality in a wireless product, as I am using them in exercise. The Earin seem to be the best on the market and have better fit/seal and acoustic design than the Dash (which focuses too much on...
Guys, check this out: Basically, those are a tiny pair of BA IEMs (Knowles SR Siren) without any external wire, microphone, or remote control (they are not the Dash). They work with smartphone or computers via Bluetooth 4.0 and AptX. The designer, who has worked for Sony Ericsson,  seems to focus on simplicity, ergonomics and sound quality. I quizzed the designer a bit...
^ If Samsung only changed firmware in their new batch of EVO 1TB, you may ask Samsung how/if you can revert back to previous firmware. I know you may not have the EVO 1TB anymore though.It is kind of sad for me, as 512 GB is still not enough for my music collection. I guess I can wait till 2016 and see if HP's "the Machine" technology enables 1TB on mobile.
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