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Very cool software. Will buy it as soon as Android version comes out. Darin, please consider offering combo discount in the future - I may need Windows, Mac and Android versions.
^ Wow! I like his music quite a lot (even more so than most albums mentioned in this thread), especially the Night Forest! Indeed, he is more neo-classical than New Age. How is his music "free" (for download)? I found some of his Amazon mp3s for sale and would like to buy some. What other songs of his do you like? Thank you!! Out of those albums mentioned in this thread, I suggest you to try the 20 Years of Narada Piano first. It eans more towards New Age, but not...
 Thanks. 9 out of your 20 Flex have been claimed within a day. It looks quite viable to me :-)Why not have a trial run of 50-100 instead? I am not sure if a small amount of 20 can tell you any market trend. A year ago, I ran a Headfi survey asking people if they want >512GB storage on a DAP (such as Fiio X7, whose retail will be >$500). I think at least 100 people said yes at the time.
 Thank you Casey. Will the be a production (non-preorder / non-Indiegogo) run of Flex?
Casey or Jody, Please kindly comment: Does LH Labs currently have all parts and capacity needed for production of Lite/Flex? I don't want to hear another sad story like that of Wave 32 (where you, after taking campaign money, force backers to upgrade because one of your vendors decides to delay "indefinitely" and chance of having a new vendor "is not looking good"). Is there chance that it would happen again? Will there be production units having 2 SDXC slots in the...
Seeteeyou,Do you know any angle to angle OTG microUSB cable available to people in USA? I don't need hifi or silver version. I need it short, compact and angled. Thanks!
USD 239
If you paypal'ed LH Lads less than 45 days ago, you can get refund from Paypal by complaining (to paypal) that there has been no product delivery. You don't need to argue with Indiegogo or campaign creator and your chance of refund is very high within 45 days.Outside of 45 days, it is up to the campaign creaters - they can refund you if they want (I have received refund from a kind creator 5 months after his Indiegogo campaign ends).Personally (YMMV), I am usually leery of...
^ Very nice. Would Esther be able to run Spotify or similar kind of internet radio? That can be a good selling point for people in US or Europe.
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