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Two card slots please, full sized SDXCs preferred.
Creatuve E5 is dimensionally thicker than Fiio E18 (with a phone attached via USB, the stack may be too thick to be truly portable).E5 also seem to have more driving power than Fiio. Your ATH-M50 or Focal Classic Spirit does not need much amp power though - most portable amps can drive them more than sufficiently. Other owners can comment on subjective sound quality.
Thank you very much for your kind comments Kodhifi. Yes, occasionally, I would like to use E5 as mic pre to PA. But its main use for me would be AptX headphone amp. So E5 is what I want (already have another mic pre mixer, but would like to take less portably if possible).
Thanks. I knew that was what Kodhifi meant. I was wondering if E5 can auto detect / function as mic pre by deafult without user configuration using computer/smartphone. I actually plan to use E5 as a dumb pocket device mostly (so less configuration the better) - except that I would use AptX and occationally mic pre to line out.
Thank you very much Kodhifi. I have read about E5's spec and am aware of the jack sizes/inputs/outputs. Are you sure E5 needs an app to remember/configure mic pre to line out (without computer or smartphone will E5 work that way)? Since I would use that only one input jack and only one line out jack together (won't use hp out at the same time with mic pre and line out), and E5 has its own processor, I would guess the "configuration" is done automatically by E5 alone (w/o...
Gents, E5 can also work as microphone preamp and output amplified mic signal to line out, correct? Thank you!
I actually consider James444's review of AptX on topic and helpful. It is difficult to dicuss AptX codec without mentioning actual implementation - products.The " how to choose" questions you were asking are very basic questions that apply to all amplifiers and have nothing specific to BT AptX receiver/amp. Over the past two pages, StanD has already explained everything clearly - I suggest carefully reading that and other existing discussions and try to spend some time to...
Can we please get back to the original topic of AptX? Members view this thread because of its topic -AptX. Headphone impedance/sensitivity/amp power is a different topic, which has been discussed elsewhere. Maybe take it to PM or open a new thread please. Thank you. StanD is generally correct and clear. Also note that in 99% of CDs, dynamic peaks do not go over 35 db higher than RMS (~average) volume. So if you listen at 75-80 db on average like most people do, you may...
^ Thank you very much Kodhifi. Since S4 weights 130 grams (4.59 oz), I take that E5 also weights bout 130 grams. I read somewhere that E5 is mostly hard plastic, which I would like actually for a portable amp (as it would be light). I could be wrong. I was asking about heat production, because I often wear thin board shorts when I take along a portable amp in my pocket. An overtly warm amp might be uncomfortable to wear in our mostlly hot weather.
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