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For sale: 12au7 Brimar CV4003 (B.V.A., Made In England) tube in very good and quiet condition. Usage hours are not high (~50 hrs from me) at all, as I did not get much time to listen to tube amps.   Selling at a loss. $19 plus actual shipping cost using USPS Priority ($ 6.8). Sorry, ConUSA only.   This tube works well for Cavali Audio CTH amp for sure, which I had before. Also should fit EF1 and SOHA I, probably RSA Raptor and EF5 amps. Don't know what other tube amps...
Maybe Mr. James Fiio can edit the opening post and use firmer language to reveal what have been determined and what not. That way, new comers to this thread don't have to waste time asking for things (pure transport, ect) that won't happen.
Exactly!! I don't care what they or anyone else call(s) the T3. What I care about is that it has 2 full sized SD slots. None of Fiio's current DAPs has those.In fact, thinking back from my 7+ years at Headfi, I can only remember hearing one or two DAPs with 2 full sized SD slots. Yes, you can adapt microSDXC to full SDXC using ugly/inconvenient adapters, but stock full slots are much better.I don't mind paying extra for digital output, but I want headphone output at the...
I understood the key feature of a transport is digital output. I was just saying I personally don't have to have it - I view the T3 as a product for my own use/consideration. I really wanted a digital transport back in 2009, but I personally don't need it now. Priorities changed. Fiio may run another poll: Do you want T3 to have: 1) digital transport only, to save cost; 2) headphone and line out only, to save cost; 3) both 2) and 3) with aditional X USD$ as cost. I bet...
2 full SDXC, headphone out, medium size screen and parametric EQ. That is what I want mostly. Digital output is a nice bonus.
Glad to find this thread!
Thank you very much, XVortex, for doing this for our community!
Could it be that naysayer acidentally preseed the wrong button? If you are using a phone browsing the forum, all buttons are small and can shift around when loading. It was NOT me by the way
Sorry, it is not obvious to me either.
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