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If you paypal'ed LH Lads less than 45 days ago, you can get refund from Paypal by complaining (to paypal) that there has been no product delivery. You don't need to argue with Indiegogo or campaign creator and your chance of refund is very high within 45 days.Outside of 45 days, it is up to the campaign creaters - they can refund you if they want (I have received refund from a kind creator 5 months after his Indiegogo campaign ends).Personally (YMMV), I am usually leery of...
^ Very nice. Would Esther be able to run Spotify or similar kind of internet radio? That can be a good selling point for people in US or Europe.
Thanks. Is Esther's firmware based on Android or Linux? Does Esther has streaming ( DLNA) ability?
Price? Firmware? Storage capacity of Diva? DLNA? Thank you.
Good catch, tomscy2000. I remember the output impedance issue of that TPA chip as well. Its 10 ohm of output impedance may interact with many BA IEMs. Gilly87, please kindly ask your engineers - what is the output impedance of the Echobox? Thanks! Not a huge deal breaker for me even if OI is 10 ohms (as I only have one pair of BA CIEMs which I use portably and Echobox won't be in my portable rig due to its thickness), as long as I can get 2 full sized SD slots.
Gilly87, Please ask your tech people what did they mean by typical (150mw into 22 ohms) and maximum output (600 mw into WHAT OHMs) power? Thanks.
To quote Gilly87: "ALSO 150mW is the TYPICAL output of the Explorer; it's maximum output is 600 mW, 25% more powerful than the X5. SPECS for the tech heads! Here's what I got from my engineers: Left + right channels 75+75 mw = 150mw typical into 22ohms, 1k db testing condition. It's a high voltage output from 6-9 volts so good driving ability" ^ Sorry there is something lost in translation (from your tech people through you to us) there. What is your definition of...
^ This. I did not see it in the current forever campaign either (How do I preorder dual SD version now)? Chartwell 85 or anyone, please comment. Thanks.
^ Dual SD slot? Did you hear it from LH (forum)? If for real, I am in, even if UI is lacking.
^ If there are 2 full-sized SD card slots in that "flask", I will be able to tolerate its 150 mw output, 20 mm thickness and $450 price.
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